System Specific Software

Software programs described below refer specifically to the system for which it was developed.

OmniPlex Software

The OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition Systems rely on two important software programs: PlexControl, which is the main user interface, and OmniPlex Server, known as the system’s “software engine”. Together, they are referred to as the OmniPlex software.

**OmniPlex Release 19.3 now available. Learn More about OmniPlex Release 19.3**



CineLyzer Software

Plexon’s CineLyzer® Video Tracking Software covers a wide range of behavioral research needs.


**CineLyzer v4.4.1 is now available!**
Click here to learn more about CineLyzer® with Multi-Fiber Photometry System.

CinePlex Software

CinePlex® Studio and CinePlex Editor complimented by the optional modules – CinePlex TrackingCinePlex Basic Behavior and CinePlex 3D – are the primary software components of Plexon’s CinePlex Behavioral Research System.

**CinePlex Studio v3.8.0 now supports 4 cameras at 200fps and more!**



PlexBright Software

A sophisticated optogenetics program for controlling the PlexBright® 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller. Radiant offers simple to complex signal pattern generation for the operation of both LEDs and lasers.





PlexStim Software

The PlexStim™ electrical stimulator is an electrically isolated, individually programmable, 16 channel, constant current stimulator system. It is compatible with Plexon’s OmniPlex® data acquisition systems and/or the CinePlex® Behavioral Research System.

**PlexStim Software 2.3 supporting up to 64 channels now available**




MAP Software

A suite of client/server programs – called RASPUTIN – that controls spike sorting in the Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System.

**MAP Software is now frozen and no longer being updated**