System Specific Software

Software programs described below refer specifically to the system for which it was developed.

OmniPlex Software

The OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition Systems rely on two important software programs: PlexControl, which is the main user interface, and OmniPlex Server, known as the system’s “software engine”. Together, they are referred to as the OmniPlex software.

**OmniPlex Release 19 now available. Learn More about OmniPlex Release 19**



DataLogger Software

The New DataLogger system is an untethered, battery powered neural recording system that allows wideband continuous recording at 40 kHz sampling rate. The DataLogger system consists of the Base unit, a 32 channel headstage, an infrared emitter, and the BaseControl software.

**DataLogger v1.0.0 now available**





CineLyzer Software

Plexon’s CineLyzer® Video Tracking Software covers a wide range of behavioral research needs.


**CineLyzer v5.0.0 is now available!**
Click here to learn more about CineLyzer® with Multi-Fiber Photometry System.

CinePlex Software

CinePlex® Studio and CinePlex Editor complimented by the optional modules – CinePlex Tracking, CinePlex Basic Behavior and CinePlex 3D – are the primary software components of Plexon’s CinePlex Behavioral Research System.

**CinePlex Studio v3.8.0 now supports 4 cameras at 200fps and more!**



PlexBright Software

A sophisticated optogenetics program for controlling the PlexBright® 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller. Radiant offers simple to complex signal pattern generation for the operation of both LEDs and lasers.





PlexStim Software

The PlexStim™ electrical stimulator is an electrically isolated, individually programmable, 16 channel, constant current stimulator system. It is compatible with Plexon’s OmniPlex® data acquisition systems and/or the CinePlex® Behavioral Research System.

**PlexStim Software 2.3 supporting up to 64 channels now available**




MAP Software

A suite of client/server programs – called RASPUTIN – that controls spike sorting in the Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System.

**MAP Software is now frozen and no longer being updated**