Plexon Webinar Series

An archive of Plexon hosted webinars consisting of our NeuroLight Optoelectrode Series and the currently ongoing Advancing Research with Linear Probes Series.

Linear probes from Plexon (U, V, and S-Probes) are used in more than 200 research labs worldwide. The popularity and success of these probes has translated into more than 150 publications. The customizable nature of these probes allows for researchers to address a variety of questions and target a wide range of brain regions. This webinar series features presentations from neuroscience researchers who will highlight some recent experiments using linear probes.

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A series of webinars going over the new NeuroLight Optoelectrode technology. Held every week from July 8, 2020 to August 5, 2020.

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All future webinars will also be archived here, so check back regularly to see more Plexon webinars!