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Plexon Inc and Modular Bionics™ Inc. have partnered to offer the N-Form®, a customizable 3D neural probe for chronic in vivo electrophysiology.

Plexon’s Multi-Fiber Photometry System is a camera based system that images one end of a branching patch cable containing multiple fibers and extracts the photometry signal from the individual fibers in the bundle via image processing techniques.

Plexon now offers 64 channel and 128 channel digital headstages featuring a thumbtack design and a new type of input connector (Samtec)

Labs using Plexon Equipment

Labs using Plexon Equipment

Years Providing Research Equipment

Years Providing Research Equipment

Publications Referencing Plexon

Publications Referencing Plexon

Countries Served

Countries Served

Labs all over the world using Plexon technology

Members of the Plexon sales and support team are experienced neuroscientists that are here to discuss your specific research needs. Below you can find more information about each of our sales and support members.

Andrew Klein

Vice President, Sales and

Nioka Burns

Marketing and Sales Support Manager

Damon Gee

Senior Technical Sales

Lisa Wentzel

Event and Sales Support

Michael Scheid

Electrophysiology Technical Sales Engineer

Mike Barbas

Technical Support Engineer

Justin Brown

Marketing Coordinator

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