N-Form® Array

Plexon Inc and Modular Bionics™ Inc. have partnered to offer the N-Form®, a customizable 3D multi-electrode array for chronic in vivo electrophysiology. The N-Form array combines features of the Utah array and linear arrays, such as the Plexon V-Probe, for chronic, 3D volumetric recordings.  Each array is composed of a grid of linear arrays, or shanks, that are continuous with the backplate.  The N-form thus offers the advantage of all components being one monolithic piece, rather than multiple pieces assembled together like other multi-electrode arrays.

The customizable N-Form® design allows for targeting large volumes of neurons across layers and columns of cortex. The high-density design and floating interface allows for long-term, chronic recordings.  Stable recordings have been demonstrated for up to 10 months in cats, with the potential for much longer recordings (longevity study ongoing). Each N-Form® array has a hook on the backplate that enables an insertion tool to be attached to aid with placement in the brain.

The illustration below depicts the anatomy of a 3.5mm 4-shank N-Form® Array.

N-Form® Arrays are customizable, as can be seen from the table below. It may also be possible to produce arrays beyond the specifications below. As a result, it is recommended that you discuss your needs with a Plexon Sales Engineer to determine the best configuration and if your unique request can be accommodated.

Technical Specifications

Electrode diameter 25 μm, circular cross-section
Electrode material platinum/iridium
Shank thickness 125 μm*
Distance between shanks 400 μm
Site location 500 μm – 10mm, 125 μm
Sterilization Method EtO
Implantable Yes, insertion holder required
Electrode Coating  iridium oxide

Customizable Options

Cable length 1.5cm – 13.0cm
Shank length 500 μm – 10mm
Maximum number of channels/shank 8
Number of shanks 1-16
Channel count 4-100
Connector Type Omnetics 32m-V, Omnetics 16m-V, TDT ZC32 , Samtec FTSH-118-01-L-DV
Backplate thickness 500 μm, single shanks available without a backplate

*Longer shanks may require greater thickness near the base of the shank

N-Form® Arrays are manufactured by Modular Bionics ™ Inc.

U.S. Patent No. 9,095,267 and patents pending

N-Form arrays are handcrafted and made to order. As a result, please expect a six week manufacturing lead time for standard specifications. Your Plexon Sales Engineer is happy to provide additional information and to assist you in determining what might be the most advantageous configuration.

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