Imp™ 128 ch. Impedance Tester

Plexon is pleased to offer the Imp™ impedance tester. It is specifically designed for rapidly measuring impedance or performing electrode impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for multichannel microelectrode arrays.


 Impedance Tester

The Imp utilizes a low test voltage and only requires a computer with a USB port, it is easy to use and ideal for both in vivo and in vitro applications.

  • Low test voltage and current suitable for in vitro and in vivo testing
  • Fast measurement time
  • Multiple test frequencies
  • Standard connector spacing and pin-out
  • Software available for Windows (Windows 8 and newer) and macOS (Catalina 10.5 and newer)
  • Calibration board included

Feature Specifications and Options Remarks
Channels 128 channels
Impedance working measurement range 100Ω–100MΩ
Test frequencies 1.4Hz—10kHz
Display resolution 1Ω
Impedance test signal 4mV peak-to-peak sinusoid
Maximum current High mode = 2.8nA RMS Max, Low Mode = 280nA RMA Max
Input connector 4x Samtec FOLC-110-L1-S-Q Compatible with existing Plexon impedance measurement cables
Weight 126g
Dimensions 126mm x 70mm x 12mm

Manuals/User Guides

*Imp is a trademark of the manufacturer Modular Bionics Inc.