Simultaneous Neural Recording Active Pixel Sensor Technology

Plexon Inc and Corticale have partnered to offer SiNAPS , an implantable active pixel sensor CMOS-probe for simultaneous large-scale neural recordings. These small-area, ultra low-power active implantable devices enable high-resolution brain activity recordings with the highest electrode array density and minimal wiring available on the market.

1024 simultaneously recording channels for high-density intracortical brain mapping

SiNAPS probes are high-channel count, active electrodes, similar to other silicon active probes available and popular today (E.g., NeuroPixels). However, what makes SiNAPS probes unique is the ability to record from all the electrode sites, not only a subset. This means a user can record from all 256 channels of a 256 channel SiNAPS probe. Same for the 512 channel and 1,024 channel versions.

SiNAPS probes are available now to Plexon OmniPlex users for beta testing. To start, the probes will be available and supported in a 256 channel configuration. Probes with 512 sites and 1,024 sites will be available and supported soon.

SiNAPS probes require an OmniPlex data acquisition system from Plexon. Please contact your salesperson at Plexon for more information or reach out via


  • Modular circuit architecture: Versatile modular architecture enabling tailored and rapid solutions for any customer and application

  • Versatile fabrication flow: low-cost prototyping of CMOS-probes

  • Compact and scalable devices: Incredibly compact electrode-pixels with local front-ends enable the realization of arrays with the highest electrode density available on the market and scalable numbers of simultaneously recording electrodes

Discuss your needs with a Plexon Sales Engineer to determine the best configuration for your upcoming experiments. It may also be possible to produce arrays beyond the specifications outlined in the Technical Specifications tab.


SiNAPS probes are customizable, as can be seen from the table below. It may also be possible to produce arrays beyond the specifications below. As a result, it is recommended that you discuss your needs with a Plexon Sales Engineer to determine the best configuration and if your unique request can be accommodated.

Technical Specifications

Amplifier In-pixel (DC-input)
Electrode Size 15 x 15 µm²
Electrode Pitch 29 μm
Sampling Frequency up to 25 kHz/channel
Electrode/Channels 256, 512, 1024*
Shank Separation 560 µm (only for multi-shank probe)
RMS noise 6.5 µV (in action potential band)
Electrode Material Pt
Power Consumption <6 µW/electrode-pixel
*512 and 1024 channel probes will be available in mid 2022


Probes are currently offered in single shank 256 channel configurations. Multi-Shank Arrays (512 and 1024 Channels) will soon be available. Click the appropriate option below to learn more about the dimensions for each type.

256 Channel Dimensions


Multi-Shank Dimensions (512 and 1024 Channels)*


*Multi-Shank Dimensions (512 and 1024 Channels) coming soon.