Plexon Workshops

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Thank you for your interest in attending the Plexon 2020 Workshop. We have decided that the responsible course of action is to postpone the workshop, scheduled for May 18th – May 20th in Dallas.

Plexon will provide reimbursement of all registration fees to those who have registered for the workshop.

Not only is Plexon recognized for our dependable high quality products, but we are also known for our Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop. Researchers from around the world gather in Dallas each spring to participate in a comprehensive, hands-on series of workshops and exercises spanning hardware and software. Attendees cultivate their skills, network with other researchers and trade best practice approaches while experiencing unlimited personal access to the Plexon support team. The Annual Neurophysiology Workshop is continued evidence of Plexon’s long-term commitment to researchers and the advancement of science.

What Researchers Are Saying About Plexon Workshops . . .

“As someone with no experience doing in vivo electrophysiology, the workshop was a great opportunity to learn in depth the hardware and software used for this technique. Great information, great food, great people!”

Anders Asp
Department of Neuroscience & Psychology
University of Minnesota

The Plexon workshop is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to make the most out of their electrophysiology data. I really appreciated being able to spend 1 on 1 time with the creators of the programs I use every day and network with a community of other scientists who utilize the same techniques.”

George Voren
Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“For the past two years, I had visited Europe a lot, for either conferences or training schools, but no experience can compare to my first visit to the United States, as for the Plexon workshop. During the workshop, I meet extremely nice staff from Plexon, but they are actually not staff, they are friends, friends that are willing to share all they know to help us. It is a precious chance, not only for learning knowledge of extracellular recording, but also for establishing network for our future scientific career. What I learn during the workshop will have great impact on the next few years of our lab. I definitely will be more than happy to recommend the next Plexon workshop to all of my colleagues.”

Wenqiang Chen
The University of Hong Kong

“The 2014 Plexon workshop has been a great experience. A truly professionally organised event, that mixes a great series of lectures with intense practical training of the hardware and software. Entering the course as a novice, and in just under 3 days, I have gained a high level of knowledge of Plexon hardware for recording, stimulating (both electrical and optical), behavioural analysis, and offline spike analysis software. I would recommend this event to any in vivo neuroscientist working in academia or industry. A great thanks again to the Plexon organisers!”

Daniel Chew, PhD
Senior Investigator
GSK Medicines Research Centre, UK

“I am a relatively new PI and Plexon user and I attended the Plexon Workshop along with two of my lab members. The workshop is a hands-on training experience where attendees not only receive a wide range of valuable information about Plexon hardware and software, they also learn how to actually use the systems. For us, a week of intense hands-on training was well spent and probably saved us countless lab hours that would otherwise have been devoted to learning the systems on our own. I would therefore highly recommend the Plexon Workshop to anyone starting out with a Plexon system or thinking of upgrading to Plexon components.”

Farran Briggs, PhD
Department of Physiology
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

“The Plexon Workshop was just what I needed to begin my single-unit recording project. Not only did I learn that their software allowed me to perform the complex behavior/unit analyses that I needed, but I also learned that there was so much more I could get from my data with such versatile programs. What I value the most from this workshop was the opportunity to sit one-on-one with software developers and discuss my data and analyses.”

Christian Bravo-Rivera
Gregory Quirk’s Lab
Department of Psychiatry
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine