Plexon Electrodes, Probes and Arrays

Plexon offers a suite of customizable specialty electrodes, probes and arrays for various research needs. Some of our most popular and innovative solutions are listed below. If you do not see what you need, contact your Plexon Sales Engineer about it. We simply may not have featured it here.

Plexon Inc is excited to announce a partnership with Modular Bionics™ Inc. to offer the N-Form® for research applications. The N-Form® array is a customizable, chronic, 3D electrode array for use in long-term recording experiments.




Penetrating cortical probes are fabricated with a shape memory polymer, which remain rigid in the air, like traditional silicon arrays, but become flexible and elastic after prolonged exposure to the brain.




Plexon’s very popular and robust, multi-use, multi-site linear electrode most often used for acute studies with larger animals such as primates.






The newest addition to the Plexon probe family– a multi-use, multi-site linear electrode with a solid stainless steel tip. This new design provides researchers with a more robust tip option.






Plexon’s second generation robust, multi-use, multi-site linear electrode featuring a conical-shaped tip for both ease of penetration and reduction of trauma to the brain upon entry.





A chronic, linear probe designed to span cortical layers running parallel to the surface of the brain, effective for both field potential and single unit recordings.