Connect HST/16o25 or HST/16V with 32 Channel NeuroNexus® Probe

This adaptor allows you to connect two Plexon HST/16o25 or HST/16V headstages to one 32 channel acute probe from NeuroNexus® Technologies. The only difference between the adaptors is the number of guide pins holes on the headset connectors.

The connectors on the left most adaptor have two guide pin holes for use with HST/16o25 headsets while the connectors on right adaptor have six guide pin holes for use with HST/16V headsets. Both adaptors feature a slot and mounting holes for securing the adaptor to a 5/16″ or 8 mm diameter stererotaxic rod.

Typical Application:




















Channel mapping

  • The following diagram shows how the Plexon recording channels map from the headset connectors to the probe connector. Combine this information with the probe site mapping from NeuroNexus to determine the correspondence between recording channels and electrode sites on the probe.

Note: If you are using a tetrode probe (e.g. 4 x 2 tet or 8 x 1 tet) and you want to record tetrode waveforms online with the Plexon MAP system, you may need an additional accessory called a “remapper”. For online capture of tetrode waveforms the Plexon MAP system requires that the signals from the four electrodes comprising the tetrode are recorded on consecutively numbered recording channels 1-4, 5-8, etc… The “remapper” rearranges signals to meet this requirement. Contact Plexon for additional details.