Check your email for electrode options that are suitable for your experiments. You can also find out more information about the electrodes we offer using the links below.

Plexon Inc and Corticale have partnered to offer SiNAPS , an implantable active pixel sensor CMOS-probe for simultaneous large-scale neural recordings. These small-area, ultra low-power active implantable devices enable high-resolution brain activity recordings with the highest electrode array density and minimal wiring available on the market.

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Plexon Inc is excited to announce a partnership with Modular Bionics™ Inc. to offer the N-Form® for research applications. The N-Form® array is a customizable, chronically implanted, 3D micro electrode array for use in long-term recording experiments. The electrodes are made of platinum/iridium material. This microelectrode array is capable of recording up to 128 channels.




Plexon Inc and NeuroLight Technologies LLC have partnered to offer the NeuroLight Optoelectrode, a customizable electrode capable of optogenetic-control of local neural circuits in awake, behaving studies; square-wave excitation for precise timing control, sine-wave excitation for graded modulation, and chronic optogenetics where a microdrive is used for fine-tune positioning.




neural probe - u probePlexon’s very popular and robust, multi-use, multi-site linear electrode most often used for acute studies with larger animals such as primates. The U-Probe is capable of single electrode, stereotrode, and tetrode configurations. Fluid capillaries and optic fibers can be placed anywhere on this neural probe.






neural probe - s probeThe newest addition to the Plexon probe family– a multi-use, multi-site linear electrode with a solid stainless steel tip. This new design provides researchers with a more robust tip option. The S-Probe is capable of single electrode, stereotrode, and tetrode configurations. Fluid capillaries and optic fibers can be placed anywhere on this neural probe.






neural probe - v probePlexon’s second generation robust, multi-use, multi-site linear electrode. This multi electrode probe features a conical-shaped tip for both ease of penetration and reduction of trauma to the brain upon entry. The tapered tip of the V-Probe permits recording site to be closer to tip of neural probe.





A chronic, linear probe designed to span cortical layers running parallel to the surface of the brain, effective for both field potential and single unit recordings.






Softening brain probes are fabricated with a shape memory polymer, which remain rigid in the air, like traditional silicon arrays, but become flexible and elastic after prolonged exposure to the brain. This neural electrode is used for chronic recordings.



The NeuralGlider-Cortical Inserter from Actuated Medical, Inc. is designed to maximize the quality of neural implant recordings in pre-clinical neuroscience studies. The NeuralGlider applies micron-scale, ultrasonic vibration to microwire arrays during insertion to reduce the force required to penetrate the brain surface. The reduced insertion force facilitates slow (0.1 mm/s), accurate array insertions while minimizing displacement/dimpling of the cortical surface, preserving the integrity of the underlying neural tissue.




neural probes store - in stockOur new In-Stock Neural Probes store is a selection of all of the neural probes that Plexon has currently in stock. You can browse our stock to see if there are any that meet your needs and purchase directly online. In stock probes will undergo a final testing and rejuvenation before being shipped to the lab. Because these probes are already manufactured, the lead time for shipping in stock probes is typically 3 three weeks. However, Plexon cannot guarantee the arrival date of any probe that is ordered.