Stand-Alone Software

Plexon offers several stand-alone software packages that significantly aid in the sorting, modification or analysis of data files.

Offline Sorter

The most recognized and trusted offline spike sorting software in the industry today, with more than 1,700 publications specifically citing the use of Offline Sorter™ as part of their methods.

**Offline Sorter v4 now available**




A sophisticated neurophysiological data analysis package used to analyze pre-sorted data files offline, or used in real-time that supports professional presentation of the results.

**NeuroExplorer 5.022 enabling scripting to be done in Python now available**




A sophisticated optogenetics program for controlling the PlexBright® 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller. Radiant offers simple to complex signal pattern generation for the operation of both LEDs and lasers.






Plexon’s program for modifying PLX, PL2 and DDT data files generated by all Plexon data acquisition systems.





Software Development Kits (SDKs) and supporting files for C/C++, MATLAB® and Neuroshare applications.