There have been numerous presentations and publications using Plexon technology. We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of these publications to aid in the use and integration of our equipment into your lab environment.

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2023Prefrontal cortex neurons in adult rats exposed to early life stress fail to appropriately signal the consequences of motivated actionsRatOmniPlex
2022Chemogenetic Activation of Astrocytes in the Basolateral Amygdala Contributes to Fear Memory Formation by Modulating the Amygdala–Prefrontal Cortex CommunicationMouseOmniPlex
2022Threat and Bidirectional Valence Signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens CoreRatOmniPlex
2022Secondary damage and neuroinflammation in the spinal dorsal horn mediate post-thalamic hemorrhagic stroke pain hypersensitivity: SDF1-CXCR4 signaling mediationRatOmniPlex
2022Activity of GABA neurons in the zona incerta and ventral lateral periaqueductal grey is biased towards sleepMouseOmniPlex, NeuroExplorer, CinePlex
2022Deep brain stimulation on the external segment of the globus pallidus improves the electrical activity of internal segment of globus pallidus in a rat model of Parkinson's diseaseRatOmniPlex
2023Stimulation-induced entrainment of hippocampal network activity: Identifying optimal input frequenciesRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2022Neural circuit for social authentication in song learning | Nature CommunicationsZebra FinchOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer
2022A Noninvasive Method for Monitoring Breathing Patterns in Nonhuman Primates Using a Nasal ThermosensorNon Human PrimateOmniPlex
2022Widespread implementations of interactive social gaze neurons in the primate prefrontal-amygdala networksNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, U-Probe, V-Probe
2022Electrophysiological dataset from macaque visual cortical area MST in response to a novel motion stimulusNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2022Thalamic deep brain stimulation paradigm to reduce consciousness: Cortico-striatal dynamics implicated in mechanisms of consciousnessNon Human PrimateOmniPlex
2022Bidirectional Communication between the Pontine Nucleus Incertus and the Medial Septum Is Carried Out by Electrophysiologically-Distinct Neuronal PopulationsRatOmniPlex, PlexBright
2022Controlling absence seizures from the cerebellar nuclei via activation of the Gq signaling pathwayMousePlexBright
2023Integrated cardio-behavioral responses to threat define defensive statesMousePlexBright, OmniPlex, CinePlex
2022Compartmentalized dendritic plasticity during associative learningMousePlexBright
2022Cortico-striatal circuits for bilaterally coordinated movementsRatPlexBright
2019Optogenetic Stimulation of the M2 Cortex Reverts Motor Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's DiseaseMousePlexBright, HELIOS
2023Sensory and choice responses in MT distinct from motion encodingNon Human PrimateU-Probe, V-Probe, S-Probe
2021Within- and between-hemifield generalization of repetition suppression in inferior temporal cortexNon Human PrimateS-Probe, Offline Sorter
2022Neuronal congruency effects in macaque prefrontal cortexNon Human PrimateV-Probe, Offline Sorter
2021A hypothalamic-thalamostriatal circuit that controls approach-avoidance conflict in ratsRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer, CinePlex, Commutator
2023Role of Glutamatergic Projections from Lateral Habenula to Ventral Tegmental Area in Inflammatory Pain-Related Spatial Working Memory DeficitsRatOffline Sorter, NeuroExplorer, MAP
2023Intraoral thermal processing in the gustatory cortex of awake miceMouseOmniPlex
2023Nucleus Accumbens D1 Receptor–Expressing Spiny Projection Neurons Control Food Motivation and ObesityMouseOmniPlex
2023Prelimbic Cortex Activity during a Distress Tolerance Task Predicts Cocaine-Seeking Behavior in Male, But Not Female RatsRatOmniPlex
2023Paresthesia during spinal cord stimulation depends on synchrony of dorsal column axon activationRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2023Integrated cardio-behavioral responses to threat define defensive statesMouseOmniPlex, CinePlex
2023Electroacupuncture improves swallowing function in a post-stroke dysphagia mouse model by activating the motor cortex inputs to the nucleus tractus solitarii through the parabrachial nucleiMousePlexBright, OmniPlex
2022Absence of familiarity triggers hallmarks of autism in mouse model through aberrant tail-of-striatum and prelimbic cortex signalingMouseCineLyzer
2018Optogenetic suppression of the nucleus reuniens selectively impairs encoding during spatial working memoryRatCineLyzer
2018A Miniaturized, Programmable Deep-Brain Stimulator for Group-Housing and Water Maze UseRatCineLyzer
2022Deep brain stimulation of the anterior nuclei of the thalamus can alleviate seizure severity and induce hippocampal GABAergic neuronal changes in a pilocarpine-induced epileptic mouse brainMouseCinePlex
2022Complementary representations of time in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampusRatCinePlex
2022Adaptive integration of self-motion and goals in posterior parietal cortexRatCinePlex, Offline Sorter, MAP
2022Altered neuronal activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex drives nicotine intake escalationRatPlexBright
2022Tangential high-density electrode insertions allow to simultaneously measure neuronal activity across an extended region of the visual field in mouse superior colliculusMousePlexBright
2021Microelectrode clusters enable therapeutic deep brain stimulation without noticeable side-effects in a rodent model of Parkinson’s diseaseRatPlexStim
2020Minimally dependent activity subspaces for working memory and motor preparation in the lateral prefrontal cortexNon Human PrimatePlexStim, OmniPlex
2022Complementary representations of time in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampusRatMAP
2022Hippocampal ensembles represent sequential relationships among an extended sequence of nonspatial eventsRatOffline Sorter, MAP
2023The effect of temporal expectation on the correlations of frontal neural activity with alpha oscillation and sensory-motor latencyNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter, MAP
2022Cognitive strategies shift information from single neurons to populations in prefrontal cortexNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter, MAP, V-Probe
2022Home-Enclosure-Based Behavioral and Wireless Neural Recording Setup for Unrestrained Rhesus MacaquesNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2022Median Raphe Nonserotonergic Neurons Modulate Hippocampal Theta OscillationsMouseOffline Sorter
2022Cortical feedback modulates distinct critical period development in mouse visual thalamusMouseNeuroExplorer, OmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2022A comparison of multisensory features of two auditory cortical areas: primary (A1) and higher-order dorsal zone (DZ)CatOffline Sorter
2022A Neural Circuit from the Dorsal CA3 to the Dorsomedial Hypothalamus Mediates Transition Between Risk Exploration and DefenseMouseOffline Sorter
2022Probing subthreshold dynamics of hippocampal neurons by pulsed optogeneticsMouseNeuroLight Probe
2021Parabrachial complex processes dura inputs through a direct trigeminal ganglion-to-parabrachial connectionRatNeuroExplorer
2022Running modulates primate and rodent visual cortex via common mechanism but quantitatively distinct implementationMouse, Non Human PrimateN-Form
2021Information about contact force and surface texture is mixed in the firing rates of cutaneous afferent neuronsNon Human PrimateN-Form, Offline Sorter
2021Carbon-mixed dental cement for fixing fiber optic ferrules prevents visually triggered locomotive enhancement in mice upon optogenetic stimulationMousePlexBright, CinePlex, Motorized Commutator
2020Rodent Arena Tracker (RAT): A Machine Vision Rodent Tracking Camera and Closed Loop Control SystemMouseHELIOS
2021High-sensitivity detection of optogenetically-induced neural activity with functional ultrasound imagingMouseOmniPlex
2021A Substantia Innominata-Midbrain Circuit Controls a General Aggressive ResponseMouseOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer
2021Hippocampal neurons construct a map of an abstract value spaceNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, V-Probe
2021Elevated fear responses to threatening cues in rats with early life stress is associated with greater excitability and loss of gamma oscillations in ventral-medial prefrontal cortexRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2021Vigor Encoding in the Ventral PallidumRatCinePlex
2021Functional diversity for body actions in the mesencephalic locomotor regionMouseOmniPlex, CinePlex, PlexBright
2021Ventral pallidum neurons dynamically signal relative threatRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2021Image luminance changes contrast sensitivity in visual cortexCatOmniPlex
2021An in vivo bioelectronic nose for possible quantitative evaluation of odor masking using M/T cell spatial response patternsRatOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2021Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound-Mediated Attenuation of Acute Seizure Activity Based on EEG Brain Functional ConnectivityRatOmniPlex
2021Unexpected Terrain Induced Changes in Cortical Activity in Bipedal-Walking RatsRatCinePlex, OmniPlex
2021AAV1 is the optimal viral vector for optogenetic experiments in pigeons (Columba livia)PigeonPlexBright
2021Mine Your Own vieW: Self-Supervised Learning Through Across-Sample PredictionNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2021Neuronal Variability Reflects Probabilistic Inference Tuned to Natural Image StatisticsNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2021A circuit of mossy cells controls the efficacy of memory retrieval by Gria2I inhibition of Gria2MouseOffline Sorter, NeuroExplorer
2021Synaptic dysfunction of Aldh1a1 neurons in the ventral tegmental area causes impulsive behaviorsMouseOffline Sorter, OmniPlex
2021Neural Selectivity for Visual Motion in Macaque Area V3ANon Human PrimateOffline Sorter, MAP, V-Probe
2021A distinct population of heterogeneously color-tuned neurons in macaque visual cortexNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2021Complementary Maps for Location and Environmental 2 Structure in CA1 and SubiculumRatOffline Sorter, CinePlex
2021Reward-specific satiety affects subjective economic value coding of orbitofrontal cortex neuronsNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2021Corticostriatal control of defense behavior in mice induced by auditory looming cuesMouseOffline Sorter
2021Neurons in primate prefrontal cortex signal valuable social information during natural viewingNon Human PrimateU-Probe
2021Binocular suppression in the macaque lateral geniculate nucleus reveals early competitive interactions between the eyesNon Human PrimateU-Probe, V-Probe
2021Behavioral validation of novel high resolution attention decoding method from multi-units & local field potentialsNon Human PrimateU-Probe, OmniPlex
2021Theta, but Not Gamma Oscillations in Area V4 Depend on Input from Primary Visual CortexNon Human PrimateU-Probe
2021Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction on Extracellular Waveforms Reveals Physiological, Functional, and Laminar Diversity in Premotor CortexNon Human PrimateU-Probe, Offline Sorter
2021Cortical Microcircuitry of Executive Control and Source of Associated Event-Related PotentialsNon Human PrimateU-Probe, MAP, Offline Sorter
2021Laminar Mechanisms of Saccadic Suppression in Primate Visual 2 CortexNon Human PrimateV-Probe, MAP
2021Differential encoding of safe and risky offersNon Human PrimateV-Probe
2021The geometry of the representation of decision variable and stimulus difficulty in the parietal cortexNon Human Primate V-Probe, Offline Sorter
2020Synchrony of Spontaneous Burst Firing between Retinal Ganglion Cells Across SpeciesMouse, Non Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2020Causal role for sleep-dependent reactivation of learning-activated sensoryensembles for fear memory consolidationMouseOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer
2020The effects of chloride dynamics on substantia nigra pars reticulata responses to pallidal and striatal inputsMouseOmniPlex, Offline Sorter
2020Early Disruption of Cortical Sleep-Related Oscillations in a Mouse Model of Dementia With Lewy Bodies (DLB) Expressing Human Mutant (A30P) Alpha-SynucleinMouseOffline Sorter, Sort Client
2020Minimally dependent activity subspaces for working memory and motor preparation in the lateral prefrontal cortexNon Human PrimateOmniPlex
2020Implanted multichannel microelectrode array for simultaneous electrophysiological signal detection of hippocampal CA1 and DG neurons of simulated microgravity ratsRatOmniPlex
2020Transient and Persistent Representations of Odor Value in Prefrontal CortexMouseOmniPlex
2020Neural Selectivity for Visual Motion in Macaque Area V3A Non Human PrimateOffline Sorter, MAP, V-Probe
2020The cellular and synaptic mechanisms of parkinsonism and levodopa-induced dyskinesiaMouseOffline Sorter, MAP
2020Microscale physiological events on the human cortical surface.Mouse, Non Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2020Lack of the Sodium-Driven Chloride Bicarbonate Exchanger NCBE Impairs Visual Function in the Mouse RetinaMouseOffline Sorter
2020The study of neuronal noise correlations during cognitive flexibility and their phramacological regulation by NorepinephrineNonNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, U-Probe
2020Laminar Subnetworks of Response Suppression in Macaque Primary Visual CortexNon Human PrimateU-Probe
2020Representation of conscious percept without report in the macaque face patch networkNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, U-Probe, Offline Sorter, PlexControl
2020A new no-report paradigm reveals that face cells encode both consciously perceived and suppressed stimuliNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, U-Probe, Offline Sorter, PlexControl
2020Priming of Attentional Selection in Macaque Visual Cortex: Feature-Based Facilitation and Location-Based Inhibition of ReturnNon Human PrimateS-Probe
2020Learning probabilistic neural representations with randomly connected circuitsNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2019Activating an anterior nucleus gigantocellularis subpopulation triggers emergence from pharmacologically-induced coma in rodentsMouseOmniPlex, Offline Sorter, MAP, PlexControl
2019Locus coeruleus toggles reciprocal prefrontal firing to reinstate fearRatOmniPlex
2019Anterior corpus callosum modulates symmetric forelimb movements during 2 spontaneous food handling behavior of rats.RatOmniPlex
2019Noradrenergic but not dopaminergic neurons signal task state changes and predict re-engagement after a failureNon Human PrimateOmniPlex
2019Deficit in hippocampal ripples does not preclude spatial memory formation in APP/PS1 miceMouseOmniPlex
2019Identification of hypoglycemia-specific neural signals by decoding murine vagus nerve activityMouseOmniPlex
2019Population imaging of neural activity in awake behaving mice in multiple brain regionsMouseOmniPlex
2019Critical Dynamics Mediate Learning of New Distributed Memory Representations in Neuronal NetworksMouseOffline Sorter
2019Optogenetic Modulation of Cortical Neurons Using Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)MouseOffline Sorter
2019Chronic pain after blast-induced traumatic brain injury in awake ratsRatOffline Sorter, NeuroExplorer
2019Sex Differences in Behavioral Responses during a Conditioned Flight ParadigmMouseCinePlex
2019Dynamic representation of taste-related decisions in the gustatory insular cortex of miceMouseCinePlex, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer, MAP
2019Step-function luminopsins for bimodal prolonged neuromodulationRatCinePlex
2019Activation of the Rostral Intralaminar Thalamus Drives Reinforcement through Striatal Dopamine ReleaseMousePlexBright
2019A Gradient of Hippocampal Inputs to the Medial MesocortexRatPlexBright
2019An Endocannabinoid-Regulated Basolateral Amygdala-Nucleus Accumbens Circuit Modulates SociabilityMiceMousePlexBright
2019Novelty gates memory formation through ventro-dorsal hippocampalMousePlexBright
2019Grid cells implement a location-dependent directional codeMousePlexBright
2019Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone neurons of Barrington’s nucleus: Probabilistic, spinally-gated control of bladder pressure and micturitionMousePlexBright
2019State-specific gating of salient cues by midbrain dopaminergic input to basal amygdalaMousePlexBright
2019Properties of neurons in the superficial laminae of trigeminal nucleus caudalisMousePlexBright
2020A causal role for frontal cortico-cortical coordination in social action monitoringNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, S-Probe, Sort Client
2020Representation of distinct reward variables for self and other in primate lateral hypothalamusNon Human PrimateOmniPlex, S-Probe
2019Long‐term consequences of early postnatal lead exposure on hippocampal synaptic activity in adult miceMousePlexBright
2019A novel population of long-range inhibitory neuronsMousePlexBright
2019Printable microscale interfaces for long-term peripheral nerve mapping and precision controlBirdPlexStim
2019Eye, hand and space representations and causal interference in bihemispheric pulvinar-parietal circuitryNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2019The VTA modulates a frequency-specific gain of thalamocortical inputs in infragranular layers of the gerbil auditory cortexGerbilMAP, PBX2 Preamplifier
2019Hippocampal and cortical communication around micro-arousals in slow-wave sleepMouseMAP
2019Neural Coding for Shape and Texture in Macaque Area V4Non Human PrimateMAP, Offline Sorter
2019Multiplexed code of navigation variables in the anterior limbic systemMouseMAP
2019The neural basis for response latency in a sensory-motor behaviorNon Human PrimateMAP, Offline Sorter
2019Impaired cortico-striatal excitatory transmission triggers epilepsyRatMAP, Offline Sorter
2019Activity in Primary Motor Cortex Related to Visual FeedbackNon Human PrimateMAP, Offline Sorter
2019Motor Cortex Encodes A Temporal Difference Reinforcement Learning ProcessNon Human PrimateMAP, Offline Sorter
2019Motivational Impairment is Accompanied by Corticoaccumbal Dysfunction in the BACHD-Tg5 Rat Model of Huntington’s DiseaseRatMAP
2019The Contribution of Parietal Cortex to Visual SalienceNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter, V-Probe, S-Probe
2019A Common Neuroendocrine Substrate for Diverse General Anesthetics and SleepMouseOffline Sorter
2019Tools for the next generation of extracellular electrophysiologyRatOffline Sorter
2019Timing is (almost) everything in a comprehensive, spike-resolved flight motor programHawk MothOffline Sorter
2019Local photoreceptor degeneration causes local pathophysiological remodeling of retinal neuronsMouse, RatOffline Sorter
2019Wiretapping the Brain: Communication of Spatial Selectivity between Frontal and Parietal CorticesNon Human PrimateOffline Sorter
2019The cellular and circuit mechanisms of hyperkinetic movement disordersMouseOffline Sorter, MAP
2019Compositions and their use for controlling the nervous system in vivoMouseOffline Sorter