PlexBright Series-Y BNC Cable

The PlexBright® Series-Y BNC Cable enables the simultaneous operation of two PlexBright LED Modules from a single channel in which identical parameters are desired for both modules.

In some experiments, it is useful to control multiple LEDs simultaneously with the same signal. One example is bllateral stimulation in which both hemispheres are stimulated at the same time with the same light intensity and pattern. The PlexBright Series-Y Cable was designed for just that purpose – to send the same signal to two PlexBright LED Modules from one controller/driver channel.

The intensity of a PlexBright LED Module is determined by the current it receives. If two modules are connected in series, they will receive the same current. If the modules have the same wavelength, their intensities will be matched as well. This is the purpose of the PlexBright Series-Y Cable – to deliver the same pattern of current to two LED modules. Note that using the PlexBright Series-Y Cable is not the same as using a standard BNC T-connector to split the signal. Using a T-connector will facilitate putting the two modules in parallel. When two modules are in parallel, they receive the same voltage not the same current. In this case, each LED will only receive about half of the total current. Conversely, the PlexBright Series-Y Cable properly connects both modules in series so each receive the same input current.

Another feature of the PlexBright Series-Y Cable is the insulated connectors. If a regular BNC cable is used and the outer contact becomes shorted to ground (through a metal table or other equipment nearby), the controller/driver will not accurately deliver the requested current to the LED module.

PlexBright Series-Y Cable is compatible with either the PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller running Radiant Software or the PlexBright LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver. A PlexBright Series-Y Cable is also included in the PlexBright Starter Kits listed on the PlexBright Quote Request Forms (found on the Resources tab).