HELIOS™ – Wireless Optogenetic System

Head-Mounted Extra Light Infrared Optogenetic Stimulation

The HELIOS™ system is Plexon’s newest innovation in optogenetic technology which provides a wireless, lightweight, and reusable solution for high power pulsed optogenetic stimulation in freely moving small animals.

helios wireless optogenetic blue

Features Include:
  • Lightweight modules can be used with mice and rats without impeding behavior
  • Infrared communication, controlled by the PlexBright 4 Channel Controller or TTL device, eliminates the need for patch cables
  • Charge and re-use the LED Module repeatedly in multiple subjects

Calculate Battery Life:

calculate battery life helios equation Duty cycle is the percentage of time the LED light output is on relative to the total time the receiver is turned on Example: How long will the battery last on a Blue HELIOS LED module if you deliver 15mW pulses with a 5% duty cycle? calculate battery life equation helios example

Technical Specs and Data Sheets

Manuals/User Guides