Cerestage Headstage Compatible with Blackrock ICS-96 (Utah array)

Plexon neural data acquisition systems can be used with a variety of electrodes, including the Utah array. Plexon engineers have designed a headstage that connects to the ICS-96 connector that is commonly found on the Utah array.

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Cerestage headstage compatible with Blackrock ICS-96

The Cerestage is a 96 channel, unity gain headstage designed to connect to a Blackrock ICS adaptor. Before this headstage was developed, the only way to connect an ICS 96 channel adaptor to a Plexon recording system was to use a separate HST/32V to 0.050” header adaptor for each of the A, B, and C inputs. A separate headstage then had to be plugged into each adaptor. Additionally, since the references are not shared between connectors, short jumper wires had to be used to distribute the references between the adaptor circuit boards. The adaptor plus headset had a height of 1.83” and was not very rigid. The height also increased the torque arm that is exerted on the implant.

The design of the Cerestage is a significant improvement over the old solution. The height is reduced more than fourfold to 0.43” and separate jumper wires are no longer needed to share references. Additionally, it is much more rigidly attached to the ICS 96 adaptor, so there is no danger of it coming unplugged.










Previous Headstage Cerestage

Cerestage Headstage compatible with Blackrock ICS-96

Technical Specifications

Feature Specifications and Options
Power supply (±V) ±1.5V min, ±7.5V max
Quiescent current ±5 mA (V=2.5)
Input range ±0.5V (useable, typical)

Output swing ±0.5V

Maximum output current 8 mA (>1 kOhm load recommended)

Outputs should not be shorted to any fixed potential with less than 1 kOhm

Input leakage 20 fA typical
Output impedance 250 Ohm
Input connector Samtec SFMC-118-L2-S-D
Input mating connector Millmax 852-10-100-10-00100
Output connector Omnetics A73184-001
Output mating connector Omnetics A8831-001

Plexon HSC/96ch ITL (06-27-A-05)