Plexon Behavioral Tracking Systems

The study of animal behavior is a key to unlocking the great mysteries of the brain. Plexon is pleased to be a major force supporting researchers spanning disciplines as vast as behavioral physiology, biophysics, mental health, neuro-informatics, pharmacology, and psychiatry as they define new frontiers in science and medicine.

Plexon offers two powerful tracking and behavioral analysis tools for neuroscience – CineLyzer®(for behavioral research) and CinePlex®(integrated with electrophysiology). If interested in learning about Plexon’s behavioral tracking systems, begin here.

The industry’s most advanced approach to digital video recording, position tracking and behavioral analysis for freely moving and behaving animal experiments. We offer both economical single camera and multi-camera licensing options with the ability to upgrade as your research needs expand. CineLyzer offers our entire suite of behavior tracking and analysis features with each license, no additional module purchases necessary.

Key Features:

1.) Customizable Arena Settings – Arenas can be drawn and modified to virtually any shape for a variety of apparatuses (e.g., Elevated plus maze, watermaze, T-maze), and modifications can even be made post-recording! 2.) Tracking in Zones and Zone Sequences – Use zones for tracking in specific locations, on or around objects, or specific paths of movement through the arena for sophisticated behavioral paradigms. Like the arenas, zones can be defined either pre or post-recording for maximal flexibility! 3.) Real-Time Tracking and Behavioral Analyses – speed, distance traveled, time in zones or zone sequences and number of zone/sequence entries are automatically computed.

**CineLyzer v4.4 is now available!**

Interested in integrating with Photometry? **Learn more about CineLyzer® with Multi-Fiber Photometry System**.


Plexon’s CinePlex System is the only behavioral research system that was specifically designed for use with high resolution neural recording. It is a sophisticated, digital video recording, tracking and analysis solution for electrophysiology labs.

To observe the CinePlex System in use during a freely behaving rat experiment, we invite you to view the methods section within the publication “Automated Visual Cognitive Tasks for Recording Neural Activity Using a Floor Projection Maze” authored by a team in Rebecca Burwell’s Behavioral Neuroscience of Memory and Attention Lab at Brown University and published in the Journal of Visualized Experimentation (JoVE) on February 20, 2014. The study presented uses CinePlex Studio with the CinePlex Tracking and CinePlex Basic Behavior options, as well as the OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System for synchronized neural recording.


**CinePlex Studio v3.7 now offers jitter elimination and more!**