CineLyzer Behavioral Tracking and Analysis System

CineLyzer® Behavioral Research System is Plexon’s new comprehensive approach to digital video recording, position tracking, and behavioral analysis for freely moving animal experiments in a range of settings. Plexon has now leveraged the sophisticated tracking algorithms from the CinePlex® System that serves electrophysiology needs into a new product tailored for behavioral research. Introducing the NEW CineLyzer Behavioral Tracking and Analysis System.

Latest Software Downloads
CineLyzer® 4.4.1 Windows 7
CineDemo 4.4.0

**CineLyzer v4 is now available and offers enhanced statistical comparisons, more options for quickly analyzing the same data with multiple settings, and flexible modifications of arena settings on a per-session basis! Click here to learn more about these new features.**

The CineLyzer Behavioral Research System for video tracking and analysis of freely-moving subjects is designed to meet a variety of research needs. We offer both economical single camera and multi-camera licensing options with the ability to upgrade as your research needs expand. Licenses are bundled with high-resolution digital cameras and mounting kits. Optional items include a digital input/output device and a fully-optimized computer at a very competitive price (computer required for 4 camera license option). Furthermore, the comprehensive database makes data collection and analysis a breeze, offering organization of multiple sessions within an experiment and customizable session-specific descriptions for subject identification and variable entry. CineLyzer offers our entire suite of behavior tracking and analysis features with each license, no additional module purchases necessary.

Features Include:

    • Customizable Arena Settings – Arenas can be drawn and modified to virtually any shape for a variety of apparatuses (e.g., Elevated plus maze, watermaze, T-maze), and modifications can even be made post-recording!
    • Tracking in Zones and Zone Sequences – Use zones for tracking in specific locations, on or around objects, or specific paths of movement through the arena for sophisticated behavioral paradigms. Like the arenas, zones can be defined either pre or post-recording for maximal flexibility!
    • Real-Time Tracking and Behavioral Analyses – speed, distance traveled, time in zones or zone sequences and number of zone/sequence entries are automatically computed.
    • Interface with External Equipment – use the CineLyzer digital input/output device with live video recording to use positional data, speed, movement trajectories, or head direction to turn on/off external devices (e.g., pellet dispensers or LEDs) for a wide range of behavioral paradigms including: watermaze tracking, t maze tracking, conditioning experiments, operant tasks, elevated plus maze, or place preference assays.
    • Tracking via three methods: contour, LED, or with (up to 12) color markers
    • Graphical and path trajectory visualization
    • Choose from color or infrared cameras for recording in daylight or near IR conditions.
    • Data exported to .csv

Regardless of your research, Plexon likely has a highly effective video tracking and analysis solution. A Plexon Sales Engineer is available to provide additional information and to assist you in determining what CineLyzer System configuration could best support your research most cost effectively.



The table below outlines selected information regarding the CineLyzer® System.
Features Specifications and Options Remarks
Controller platform Windows® 7 CineLyzer multiple camera systems require the purchase of a stand-alone computer fully-optimized to run the software. Computers are pre-loaded with Windows 7.
Operational modes – Online (from cameras) and
– Offline (from files)
New trials can be recorded from live cameras or video files.
Tracking speed, distance traveled, time in zones or sequences – Contour, LED, or Color Marker Tracking LED and color marker tracking available with color cameras.
Tracking one or more subjects within an arena – LED or Color Marker Tracking Supports up to three LED colors and up to 12 color markers.
Tracking head direction and angles between markers
– LED or Color Marker Tracking
Head Direction tracking available with LED or color markers. Multiple points can be tracked on the same animal.
Resolution (frame rate) Up to 60 frames Default is 30 frames
Video file format generated Standard .AVI files in MPEG format Essentially unlimited .AVI file size (Microsoft® extension to NTFS format eliminates the 4GB size limit).
Files read – .AVI
– .mjpg and
– .ffds
Supports CinePlex v2 and v3 files.
Video file compression MPEG quality adjustable from 1 to 10 Default is 4.
Number of cameras supported
1 to 4
System can be ordered with 1-4 color or infared camera kits. Supported cameras are purchased through Plexon and contain the following specs:
– USB 2.0 camera, 752 x 480 pixels, 1/3″ CMOS, CS Mount
– 1/3″ High-Resolution varifocal lens (3 to 8mm), installed by Plexon.
– Camera heat sink and Manfrotto® RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter with 200PL-14 Plate
– USB 2.0 A to Mini-B 5 -pin cable, 15ft
Playback viewing of .AVI files Supported by most video playback devices.
Inputs and Outputs CineLyzer USB digital input/output (DIO) Interface 12 inputs/outputs total:
– 6 high true/6 low true inputs
– 6 high true/6 low true outputs
– 5V TTL signal

Required for starting/stopping recording with external devices and triggering external devices with live tracking data.Export Options.csv file Import to Excel®, MATLAB®, R, SPSS, Prism or .txt filesLicensingAvailable as a Single-Camera or (up to) Four-Camera License.Upgrades within a software version are free of charge and do not need a modification to the license key. Upgrades to the next version do require an updated key with expanded privileges.InstallationThe CineLyzer Software can be loaded onto as many computers as you desire. However, the license key is required for operation. Recording with single camera license and offline analysis can be performed on computers with Windows 7 installed and the USB license key inserted. Accurate tracking with more than one camera requires use of custom-optimized computer, purchased from Plexon.

Any questions? Ask a Plexon Sales Engineer. We are happy to help.