Don’t be a Hoarder: Only Save What you Need

Andrew Klein

A common question we receive at Plexon is about processing large data files in Offline Sorter. The details of these discussions are important. “Large” can mean a file a few GB in size or hundreds of GB in size (no joke). “Processing” can mean anything from opening and exporting a … Read More

9 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Alyssa Wright-Brown

Social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in fewer face-to-face interactions with others, and there is evidence that this has negatively affected mental health.1 On top of dealing with the “new normal”, post-docs have the added stress of job security, working long hours and receiving low pay … Read More

Upset About Teaching in Graduate School

Nioka Burns

Forced to Teach while in Graduate school? Take advantage of the System Teaching takes away from research, but here are some ways to get the most out of your assistantship. I was naïve when I started graduate school. No one in my family had gone to college much less graduate … Read More

Open-Source Fiber Photometry Data Analysis Packages: pMAT vs. GuPPY

Kristin Marquardt

Overall conclusion: pMAT is more user friendly, but GuPPY has more options and flexibility Summary Comparison Table   One of the major hurdles for a lab performing fiber photometry is data analysis. Using and applying an isosbestic control requires a complex set of mathematics and understanding how to do this … Read More

Can I Start a Family and Still Get Tenure?

Penny Kalvin

Being a researcher demands a lot from a person. One neuroscientist revealed in a Nature article how she works countless hours a day. As a result, her work and mental health suffered from burnout. Over time, however, she eventually learned how to work around her schedule, so that she always has time … Read More

Grounding and Referencing for Electrophysiology Recording Systems

Andrew Klein

It has been said, an informed consumer is the best customer. At Plexon Inc, our goal is for users to be as informed as possible, such that they can ask and answer interesting and unique research questions with equipment purchased by Plexon Inc. To meet that goal, we periodically generate … Read More

Optogenetic Stimulation: Choosing the Right Equipment

Nafi Yasar

Are you thinking about adding optogenetics to your lab? There is no shortage of articles discussing light sources and fiber optics, however the sheer volume of information itself can be overwhelming, in particular since so many sources of information cover a wide range of applications, from telecommunications to two-photon imaging. … Read More

Linear Probe Discussion with Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries

Pascal FriesLeave a Comment

Linear Probe Discussion with Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries   My question is for beginners, which probe would you recommend for optogenetic stimulations, and how many channels are minimum for reasonable recordings? “So I guess this now pertains to the laminar probes from Plexon, we have clearly the best experience with … Read More

Causes of Noise in Electrophysiological Recordings

Nafi Yasar

  A poor ground or reference connection will cause large amplitude noise, which will completely drown out the electrophysiological signal. The noise is wide-band, but is usually particularly strong at 50/60Hz and its harmonics   Trouble-shooting noise problems in electrophysiological recordings can seem like black magic; it often seems like … Read More