Top 5 Tips for Grant Writing

Justin Brown

Grant writing can be a long and stressful process, so we’ve gathered some grant writing tips to help you get your proposal in the right place before submission. Whether this is your first time writing a proposal or you have a bit more experience, taking the time to go through … Read More

4 Ways to Show Appreciation in the Workplace

Justin Brown

Thanksgiving in America is coming up this week, a perfect time to start thinking about showing appreciation and thanks to coworkers in the lab or in the workplace. Even outside of the United States, as we approach the end of a tumultuous year, it would do us all good to … Read More

What to do with no SfN in 2020?

Justin Brown

As we start to get into the winter season, or as I write from Texas, the mildly less hot season, there is a noticeable gap where the annual Society for Neuroscience conference used to be. Now, with the announcement of the cancellation of the in-person SfN conference and the speculation … Read More

Are preprints important?

Justin Brown

A preprint is when you make a research article, or part of a research article, available for free either on a website you yourself own or by using one of the many preprint servers available. More and more people are using preprints to share their research before publication. Several reasons … Read More

Conferences Moving Online: How Will This Change the Future?

Lisa Wentzel

In late February, the Biogen Leadership Conference was held in Boston. Within two weeks it was determined to be the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in Massachusetts. It also spilled the virus into several other states as attendees returned home. One month later, conferences across the globe began canceling or … Read More

The Lab Notebook

Sam Debes

You wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. You’ve had a strange dream about the science you live and breathe, and now you’re thinking about the underlying problem in a new light. Eureka! You’ve had a revolutionary idea about how to solve a fundamental question … Read More

How to Tackle the Problem of Toxic Labs and Abusive PIs?

Joanna Komorowska-Müller

Over the course of my studies, I came across a significant amount of people that were working in unhealthy environments or/and under the tyranny of an abusive PI (Principal Investigator). Academia is supposed to about a pursuit of knowledge and creativity, but how can one do their best when they … Read More

Transitioning from Academia to Industry

Justin Brown

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to get out of academia and start looking to get into an industry job. Whether you found out too late that the life of an academic wasn’t for you or you’re just trying to get out of an environment that … Read More