Workshop Speakers and PlexBright JoVE Contest

Plexon’s newsletter from December 19, 2013 discusses the 2014 workshop (passed) and the PlexBright JoVE contest (passed).



December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays from Plexon!

As 2013 draws to a close, so does our year-long celebration of Plexon’s 30th Anniversary. Thank you to each and every principal investigator, student, post-doc, lab tech, partner, distributor, collaborator and friend that made the first 30 years so memorable! We are in a great position to continue serving all of you and more for many years to come.

From our families to yours, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and an amazing start in the New Year!

2014 Workshop Guest Speakers Announced

Workshop dates: March 17-20, 2014
The planning for the 2014 Annual Plexon Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop is well under way and we are thrilled to announce the panel of guest speakers for the Spring as follows:

  • Neural recording with OmniPlex: Farran Briggs, PhD, Dartmouth Medical School, Department of Physiology
  • Optogenetics with PlexBright: Philip Tovote, PhD, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
  • Behavioral research with CinePlex: Huijing Xu, MS, University of Southern California, Center for Neural Engineering, and
  • Specialty probes featuring the U- and V-Probe: Alex Huk, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Center for Perceptual Systems, Institute for Neuroscience

Each speaker will be sharing their personal experiences using Plexon equipment in their labs and providing tips and tricks for the best results. For more information, email

PlexBright™ / JoVE Contest Planned for Next Year

Early this year, we ran the first JoVE Publication Grant Contest focused on research conducted using the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System. Rebecca Burwell’s lab at Brown University won and the final article should be available in the coming weeks online!

Due to its popularity, we are going to run a second Publication Grant Contest in partnership with the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). This time, however, we will be soliciting abstracts for research conducted using the PlexBright™ Optogenetic Stimulation System. So, calling all labs that have PlexBright equipment! We will begin the contest in the first half of the year, collect abstracts for six weeks and then select a winner who will have their research published in text and video formats for all to see – a $4,200 value!

This early announcement should allow many of you to generate enough data for an abstract by the time of the actual contest. Watch for the next announcement. Good luck!!

Research Spotlight

Let us know about your 2013 publication citing Plexon and our equipment and we will send you a thank you award with a mug and a T-shirt! Send notices, address and T-shirt size to

All articles listed are alphabetical based on first author within two categories: articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print, and articles published in full print.

Recent articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print:

  • Brunet, Nicolas, Conrado A. Bosman, Mark Roberts, Robert Oostenveld, Thilo Womelsdorf, Peter De Weerd, and Pascal Fries.”Visual Cortical Gamma-Band Activity During Free Viewing of Natural Images.” Cerebral Cortex (2013): bht280.
  • Iwasaki, Mai, Thomas M. Poulsen, Kotaro Oka, and Neal A. Hessler. “Singing-Related Activity in Anterior Forebrain of Male Zebra Finches Reflects Courtship Motivation for Target Females.” PloS one 8, no. 11 (2013): e81725.
  • Fishman, Yonatan I. “The Mechanisms and Meaning of the Mismatch Negativity.” Brain Topography (2013):1-27.
  • Lison, H., M. F. K. Happel, F. Schneider, K. Baldauf, S. Kerbstat, B. Seelbinder, J. Schneeberg et al. “Disrupted cross-laminar cortical processing in β amyloid pathology precedes cell death.” Neurobiology of Disease (2013).
  • Middlebrooks, Paul G., and Jeffrey D. Schall. “Response inhibition during perceptual decision making in humans and macaques.” Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics (2013): 1-14.
  • Moskaleva, Maria, and Andreas Nieder. “Stable numerosity representations irrespective of magnitude context in macaque prefrontal cortex.” European Journal of Neuroscience (2013).
  • Robbins, Ashlee A., Steven E. Fox, Gregory L. Holmes, Rod C. Scott, and Jeremy M. Barry. “Short duration waveforms recorded extracellularly from freely moving rats are representative of axonal activity.” Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7:181, pp. 1-19 (2013).
  • Su, Chun-Kuei, Chia-Hsun Chiang, Chia-Ming Lee, Yu-Pei Fan, Chiu-Ming Ho, and Liang-Yu Shyu. “Computational solution of spike overlapping using data-based subtraction algorithms to resolve synchronous sympathetic nerve discharge.” Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience Vol. 7, Article 149 (2013), pp. 1-19
  • Veit, Lena, and Andreas Nieder. “Abstract rule neurons in the endbrain support intelligent behaviour in corvid songbirds.” Nature Communications 4 (2013).
  • Zhang, Hongmiao, Guifen Chen, Hui Kuang, and Joe Z. Tsien. “Mapping and Deciphering Neural Codes of NMDA Receptor-Dependent Fear Memory Engrams in the Hippocampus.” PloS one Vol. 8, Issue 11 (2013): e79454.
  • Zhong, Cheng, Yuanyuan Zhang, Wei He, Pengfei Wei, Yi Lu, Yan Zhu, Li Liu, and Liping Wang. “Multi-unit recording with iridium oxide modified stereotrodes in Drosophila melanogaster.” Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2013).
  • Zhu, Hong, Xuehui Tang, Wei Wei, Adel Maklad, William Mustain, Richard Rabbitt, Steve Highstein, Jerome Allison, and Wu Zhou. “Input–Output Functions of Vestibular Afferent Responses to Air-Conducted Clicks in Rats.” Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (2013): 1-14.

Recent articles published in full print:

  • Freeze, Benjamin S., Alexxai V. Kravitz, Nora Hammack, Joshua D. Berke, and Anatol C. Kreitzer. “Control of Basal Ganglia Output by Direct and Indirect Pathway Projection Neurons.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 47 (2013): 18531-18539.
  • Jezzini, Ahmad, Luca Mazzucato, Giancarlo La Camera, and Alfredo Fontanini. “Processing of Hedonic and Chemosensory Features of Taste in Medial Prefrontal and Insular Networks.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 48 (2013): 18966-18978.
  • Klavir, Oded, Rotem Genud-Gabai, and Rony Paz. “Functional Connectivity between Amygdala and Cingulate Cortex for Adaptive Aversive Learning.” Neuron 80, no. 5 (2013): 1290-1300.
  • McCairn, Kevin W., Atsushi Iriki, and Masaki Isoda. “Deep Brain Stimulation Reduces Tic-Related Neural Activity via Temporal Locking with Stimulus Pulses.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 15 (2013): 6581-6593.
  • Richardson, Ben D., Kenneth E. Hancock, and Donald M. Caspary. “Stimulus-specific adaptation in auditory thalamus of young and aged awake rats.” J Neurophysiol 110 (2013): 1892-1902.
  • Sani, Ilaria, Elisa Santandrea, Ashkan Golzar, Maria Concetta Morrone, and Leonardo Chelazzi. “Selective Tuning for Contrast in Macaque Area V4.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 47 (2013): 18583-18596.
  • Yu, Huaiqiang, Nenggan Zheng, Wei Wang, Shuo Wang, Xiaoxiang Zheng, and Zhihong Li. “Electroplated Nickel Multielectrode Microprobes With Flexible Parylene Cable for Neural Recording and Stimulation.” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Volume:22, Issue: 5, Pages 1199-1206; (2013): 1-1.
  • Zhuang, Jun, Carl R. Stoelzel, Yulia Bereshpolova, Joseph M. Huff, Xiaojuan Hei, Jose-Manuel Alonso, and Harvey A. Swadlow. “Layer 4 in primary visual cortex of the awake rabbit: Contrasting properties of simple cells and putative feedforward inhibitory interneurons.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 28 (2013): 11372-11389.


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To take advantage of the product line’s introductory pricing, an order must be placed by December 31, 2013 by either a submitted credit card form or a Purchase Order. Plexon quotes are typically valid for 90 days; however, pricing for PlexBright line items on quotes generated in 2013 will be valid until December 31, 2013.

Plexon Closed for Christmas and New Year’s

So that our employees may be home with their families, Plexon world headquarters and our Brussel’s office will be closed December 24-25, 2013 for the Christmas holidays.

Both offices will also be closed Wednesday, January 1, 2014 in celebration of the New Year.

Innovation for the Next 30 Years

Plexon continues to celebrate its 30th year serving researchers around the globe!


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