3rd Annual Plexon China Regional Neurophysiology Workshop

The workshop is now over. Congratulations to Hong Kong Plexon Limited, and thank you to all participating researchers! This is the largest and most successful China Regional Neuroscience Workshop to date! It attracted 30% greater attendance from 10% more labs – breaking last year’s record numbers – yielding nearly 120 attendees representing 56 laboratories. Additionally, the attendees were treated to a special guest appearance made by Plexon Inc’s founder and president, Harvey W. Wiggins. He made the special trip to share his vision for the future of the company before visiting various labs in the region.

Check back for information regarding next year’s workshop.

Workshop Dates

  • July 21 – 23, 2015


Peking University Health Science Center
Beijing, China

Topics Covered

The Workshop format couples researchers from well-respected labs sharing their techniques with formal exercise-based instruction led by the Hong Kong Plexon technical personnel.

  • Neural Data Acquisition Workshop: The OmniPlex® System
  • Behavioral Research Workshop: The CinePlex® System
  • Focused behavior research solution: CineLAB™
  • Optogenetic Stimulation Workshop: The PlexBright™ System
  • Rodent & Primate Electrode (with U- & V-Probes) Workshops
  • Electrical Stimulation Workshop: The PlexStim™ System
  • Offline Sorter™ Workshop
  • NeuroExplorer® Workshop
  • New Product Innovation Discussions
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