6th Annual Plexon Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop

The 2015 Workshop is now over. We are elated to share the attendees awarded it the highest score to date – a record-breaking 9.7!! We had a great group totaling 39 participants – almost a complete sell out of the maximum 40 seats. Researchers came from 11 countries on four continent, and from one to three people per lab. Plexon thanks all attendees and honored guest speakers (Anders Asp from the University of Minnesota, Christian Bravo-Rivera from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Chandramouli Chandrasekaran from Stanford University and Jonas Thelin from Lund University) for making this the best Plexon Workshop yet!

Details regarding the 7th Annual Neurophysiology & Behavior Workshop will be available on our website later this year. Hope you will be able to join us then!


Workshop Dates

  • April 27-30, 2015


  • The DoubleTree Hotel Campbell Centre
    Dallas, Texas, USA

Topics Covered
The Workshop format couples researchers from well-respected labs sharing their techniques with formal exercise-based instruction led by Plexon’s technical personnel.

  • Neural Data Acquisition Workshop: The OmniPlex® System
  • Neural Data Acquisition Workshop: The MAP System
  • Integrating Video Tracking with Neural Recording: The CinePlex® System
  • NEW: Video Tracking and Analysis Workshop with new CineCorder™, CineTracker™ and CineLyzer™ Systems
  • Optogenetic Stimulation Workshop: The PlexBright™ System
  • Rodent & Primate Electrode (with U- & V-Probes) Workshops
  • Electrical Stimulation Workshop: The PlexStim™ System
  • Offline Sorter™ Workshop
  • NeuroExplorer® Workshop
  • New Product Innovation Discussions
  • And anything else new and exciting that is developed between now and then!!
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