Workshop Registration Raffle Winners from Neuroscience 2015
October 21, 2015

CHICAGO, IL– (October 21, 2015) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the raffle winners for a FREE registration to the popular 2016 Plexon Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop – worth $900.00 each – chosen at Neuroscience 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Raffle participation was once more the highest yet!

2016 marks the 7th year of Plexon’s Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop and will be held the week of April 11th in Dallas, Texas, USA. At the close of the conference exhibition today and on behalf of Plexon, Tim Blanche, President of White Matter, LLC and manufacturer of the nanoZ multi-electrode impedance tester, blindly pulled the winning entries from the raffle bin. Plexon is thrilled to congratulate the winners:

  • Tingting Duan, PhD from the Institute of Mental Health Research at the University of Ottawa, and
  • Geetanjali Bendale from Mario Romero-Ortega’s Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Ms. Duan and Ms. Bendale will have the opportunity to join researchers from all over the globe as they descend on Dallas for several days packed with instruction, demonstrations and hands-on exercises presented by renowned researchers and Plexon subject matter experts. Each year, the event becomes stronger with the 2015 Workshop earning a new high score of 9.7 out of 10 by attendees.

The Workshop is limited to 40 attendees to ensure maximum hands-on experience. In the primary training hall, ten complete workstations will be set-up with no more than four attendees per station. Additionally, there will be a secondary training room with five or more complete workstations for one-on-one instruction. Each attendee receives several days of intense training, robust materials and exercises, a certificate of completion, two $150.00 gift certificates for the 2017 Workshop (one for themselves and the other for a colleague), admission to the Welcome Reception, a ticket to the exceptionally popular social event to enhance networking and a more relaxed learning environment, breakfast and lunch for all three days, a Plexon T-shirt and a mug.

Plexon wishes to thank Tim Blanche and all of the raffle participants. The Plexon team looks forward to seeing Ms. Duan and Ms. Bendale amongst others at the 2016 Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop next year. More information regarding the upcoming Workshop is available on the website at

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