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June 13 2023

Development of a synchronous recording and photo-stimulating electrode in multiple brain neurons

In this study, the researchers aimed to develop a compact and ultra-light opto-electrode capable of simultaneously recording and stimulating multiple brain regions. To achieve this, they employed cutting-edge technologies, including micro-nanofabrication quartz glass modules, laser-cutting electrode microwires, a customized laser-perforated steel sheet array, and a customized printed circuit board (PCB).

Several Plexon products in this study include:

  1. Plexon 32-Channel Electrophysiology System: The researchers utilized Plexon's advanced 32-channel electrophysiology system to conduct high-quality electrophysiological recordings. This state-of-the-art system provides a reliable platform for capturing neural activity with exceptional accuracy and precision.
  2. CinePlex for Video Synchronization: To synchronize video data with electrophysiological recordings, the researchers relied on CinePlex. This seamless integration of video data enhances the comprehensive analysis of neural activity and behavioral responses. 
  3. Plexon Offline Sorter for Spike Sorting: The researchers employed Plexon Offline Sorter to conduct spike sorting. This sophisticated software facilitates the extraction of meaningful information from recorded neural data, allowing for in-depth analysis and interpretation. 
The researchers successfully placed the novel opto-electrode and achieved high-quality electrophysiological recordings from the default mode network (DMN) of the mouse brain. This breakthrough technology enables synchronous recording and stimulation in multiple brain regions.
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