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July 19 2023

Nucleus reuniens transiently synchronizes memory networks at beta frequencies

Check out the new publication from Maanasa Jayachandran et al., titled "Nucleus Reuniens Transiently Synchronizes Memory Networks at Beta Frequencies," which was recently published in Nature Communications. This study sheds new light on episodic memory-based decision-making processes, elucidating the critical role of synchronized network oscillations and the thalamic nucleus reuniens (RE) in mediating prefrontal-hippocampal memory interactions.

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June 13 2023

Development of a synchronous recording and photo-stimulating electrode in multiple brain neurons

In this study, the researchers aimed to develop a compact and ultra-light opto-electrode capable of simultaneously recording and stimulating multiple brain regions. To achieve this, they employed cutting-edge technologies, including micro-nanofabrication quartz glass modules, laser-cutting electrode microwires, a customized laser-perforated steel sheet array, and a customized printed circuit board (PCB). 

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