Plexon Promotional Probe Contest Winners

Newsletter from August 1st, 2019 announcing our two contest winners, the new FAQ page, and Plexon in New York.

Plexon Promotional Probe Contest Winners:

1st Place: Dr. Jeff Yau

“Throughout the course of an investigation, there is a danger of an over-emphasis on outcomes rather than the process. Certainly, junior investigators need to be conscious of this threat, but this point is especially critical for principle investigators leading research teams.” – Excerpt from Jeff Yau’s article.
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2nd Place: Morgan Zipperly

“Women in science and medicine will require the support of allies in order to achieve true equality. We need to support each other as scientists and physicians, and encourage equality in citations, speaker panels, and speaker invitations. We need to be aware of our own inherent biases and actually work to improve upon them, just as we would any other skill.” – Excerpt from Morgan Zipperly’s article.
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