GoToAssist Instructions

Plexon is able to offer fast and easy remote sales and technical support through GoToAssist. We are able to provide remote product demonstrations, basic training or online diagnostics from anywhere in the world – either by remotely accessing your computer or allowing you access to ours.

If a Plexon representative arranges a GoToAssist session with you, he or she will provide a SUPPORT KEY number for you in advance. A few minutes prior to your scheduled meeting, prepare according to the following:

  • With your SUPPORT KEY available, go to
  • When prompted, enter your first name and the SUPPORT KEY, and then click “Start Support Session”. The download will begin.
  • A pop-up will ask if you want to install Java components to support remote assistance with the program name GoToAssist Express. Click “Yes”. The installation will continue.
  • Next, the program will ask if you wish to join the remote session. Click “Yes”.
  • The remote session will now be in progress.
  • To end session, click the “End Session” red octagon in the lower right corner of your monitor.