Custom Designed Pedestals



Generic Pedestal

The N-Form* is a customizable 3D multi-electrode array for chronic in vivo electrophysiology. Neurophysiology experiments in non-human primates typically attach these arrays to the subject’s skull using a recording chamber or pedestal that is designed to house and protect the connectors on the array.

In our conversations with customers, we learned that the generic commercially available pedestals are not contoured to the subject’s skull and this results in an imperfect fit between the bone and chamber. Dental acrylic is often applied around the chamber to seal gaps resulting from the imperfect fit which can complicate surgical procedures.

In order to prevent the issues associated with the generic pedestals, Plexon offers custom pedestals designed for each subject and each array. Customers can send either .stl or .stp 3D CAD files for our engineers to review. These files will be used to create a pedestal that is subject-specific and with the curvature requested so that the pedestal conforms to the subject’s skull.

Plexon can provide a 3D printed plastic version of the pedestal so that customers can test fit it prior to the titanium version being manufactured.

The example above shows the development of a custom pedestal used to mount two 64 channel arrays. The curvature of the pedestal was modified so that it would conform to the subject's skull.


Pedestals Designed for a Specific Connector Type

An array with the connector housed in the pedestal. The customer can epoxy the electrode in place following sterilization using either medical grade epoxy or dental cement.

Components of a custom pedestal used to mount one 128 channel N-Form electrode array. The kit includes a titanium pedestal base, titanium pedestal lid, five silicone gaskets that sit between the base and lid, and ten screws for attaching the lid to the base.

*N-Form® Arrays are manufactured by Modular Bionics ™ Inc. U.S. Patents 9,095,267, 10,086,192, 10,368,761, 10,874,847 Patents Pending. The N-Form array is intended for non-human animal research only.