Plexon Hands-on Workshops

Not only is Plexon recognized for our dependable, high-quality products, but we are also uniquely known for our Neurophysiology Workshop. Researchers from around the world gather in Dallas, Texas to participate in a series of multi-day, hands-on workshops and exercises spanning hardware and software. They perfect their skills, network with other researchers and trade best-practice approaches. This takes place while experiencing unlimited, in-person access to the greater Plexon Support Team.

Plexon periodically offers topic-specific programs, as well as organizes workshops in other global regions such as China. For more information, please contact us by email at


What Researchers Are Saying About the Workshop . . .

“As someone with no experience doing in vivo electrophysiology, the workshop was a great opportunity to learn in depth the hardware and software used for this technique. Great information, great food, great people!”

Anders Asp
Department of Neuroscience & Psychology
University of Minnesota
*Attended the 2015 Workshop, was also a guest speaker

 The Plexon workshop is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to make the most out of their electrophysiology data. I really appreciated being able to spend 1 on 1 time with the creators of the programs I use every day and network with a community of other scientists who utilize the same techniques.”

George Voren
Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

*Attended the 2015 Workshop

 “For the past two years, I had visited Europe a lot, for either conferences or training schools, but no experience can compare to my first visit to the United States, as for the Plexon workshop. During the workshop, I meet extremely nice staff from Plexon, but they are actually not staff, they are friends, friends that are willing to share all they know to help us. It is a precious chance, not only for learning knowledge of extracellular recording, but also for establishing network for our future scientific career. What I learn during the workshop will have great impact on the next few years of our lab. I definitely will be more than happy to recommend the next Plexon workshop to all of my colleagues.”

Wenqiang Chen
The University of Hong Kong

*Attended the 2015 Workshop

“The 2014 Plexon workshop has been a great experience. A truly professionally organised event, that mixes a great series of lectures with intense practical training of the hardware and software. Entering the course as a novice, and in just under 3 days, I have gained a high level of knowledge of Plexon hardware for recording, stimulating (both electrical and optical), behavioural analysis, and offline spike analysis software. I would recommend this event to any in vivo neuroscientist working in academia or industry. A great thanks again to the Plexon organisers!”

Daniel Chew, PhD
Senior Investigator
GSK Medicines Research Centre, UK

*Attended the 2014 Workshop

“I am a relatively new PI and Plexon user and I attended the Plexon Workshop along with two of my lab members. The workshop is a hands-on training experience where attendees not only receive a wide range of valuable information about Plexon hardware and software, they also learn how to actually use the systems. For us, a week of intense hands-on training was well spent and probably saved us countless lab hours that would otherwise have been devoted to learning the systems on our own. I would therefore highly recommend the Plexon Workshop to anyone starting out with a Plexon system or thinking of upgrading to Plexon components.”

Farran Briggs, PhD
Department of Physiology
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

*Attended the 2014 Workshop, was also a guest speaker

“The Plexon Workshop was just what I needed to begin my single-unit recording project. Not only did I learn that their software allowed me to perform the complex behavior/unit analyses that I needed, but I also learned that there was so much more I could get from my data with such versatile programs. What I value the most from this workshop was the opportunity to sit one-on-one with software developers and discuss my data and analyses.”

Christian Bravo-Rivera
Gregory Quirk’s Lab
Department of Psychiatry
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine