Smaller, Lighter 16 Channel Headstage – the HST/16o25 GEN II
April 08, 2013

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DALLAS, TX — (April 8, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces its newest innovation in headstage amplifiers worn by research subjects in neuroscience research – the HST/16o25 GEN II headstage.

Although Plexon’s first generation 16 channel, 0.025” pitch, unity gain headstage was already small and light, the engineering team was able to take the design to the next level. The HST/16o25 GEN II headstage is now 36% smaller, 17% lighter, 21% shorter and 19% less wide than its predecessor. Since these devices are worn by subjects as part of research, it is most ideal when the equipment impedes normal activity as little as possible. A smaller, lighter device is less cumbersome and less noticeable to the subject. A shorter, less wide device permits the subject to poke its head into smaller spaces, such as into some pellet dispensers.

The HST/16o25 GEN II headstage is also more convenient. When ordering the first generation of this headstage, it was important to specify the preference of either a grounded reference or true reference device. However, now the HST/16o25 GEN II incorporates both options into one device.

Lastly, the HST/16o25 GEN II offers more flexibility in input connectors. Researchers now have a choice of an 18 data pin connector with either two or six guide pins. Both input connector options are manufactured by Omnetics.

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