Recommended Microdrives

These microdrives are or have been used by Plexon customers and are recommended by Plexon. We update this page routinely as new and better microdrives are developed.


Drivable Optrode

A drivable optrode for use in chronic electrophysiology and optogenetic experiments

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A self-targeting printable brain implant system

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dDrive (Chronic Microdrive)

Light, compact, and inexpensive, the dDrive chronic microdrive enables precise probe movement in freely behaving animals.

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Metal Recoverable Microdrive

Metal microdrive and head cap system for silicon probe recovery in freely moving rodent

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Thomas Motorized Electrode Manipulator (MEM)™

The Thomas Motorized Electrode Manipulator (MEM)™ is a small and lightweight low-cost microdrive system for extracellular recordings.

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