Rat-centric PlexBright Optogenetics

Plexon’s newsletter from September 26, 2013 that discusses newly released PlexBright Optogenetics products. 



September 26, 2013

NEW Rat-centric PlexBright™ Optogenetics Products

Plexon first introduced its line of PlexBright™ Optical Patch Cables and Fiber Stub Implants utilizing LC Ferrules. This new launch expands the product offerings to now include the complete line of Optical Patch Cables and Fiber Stub Implants with larger FC Ferrules.

A ferrule is a hollow, ceramic cylinder – often called a cannula – through which Plexon passes its high performance optical fibers. A PlexBright Fiber Stub Implant is made of a ferrule with an optical fiber at the center that starts flush with one end of the ferrule and extends beyond the other end revealing an exposed fiber of a specified length. The fiber stub is permanently implanted into the head of the subject with the exposed fiber placed into the tissue and the ferrule end protruding above the skull.

PlexBright Optical Patch Cables transmit light from the LED module to the cable’s tip. Optical Patch Cables supporting freely behaving animal research have a ferrule at the tip through which optical fiber passes and ends flush with the ferrule end leaving no exposed fiber. The two ferrules – one from the Optical Patch Cable and the one on the Fiber Stub Implant – come together forming a direct connection and secured with a ceramic sleeve. This union enables the transmission of light from the fiber in the Optical Patch Cable through the fiber in the Fiber Stub Implant and out into the tissue at the targeted depth.

LC Ferrules are smaller (1.25mm outside diameter x 6.45mm length) and used with rats, mice and other small animals. The new FC Ferrules are a bit larger (2.5mm outside diameter x 10.5mm length) and offer additional strength useful with stronger animals. Thus, the FC Ferrule series of products is typically used with rats and other larger animals. Preference is strictly up to the researcher and the experimental conditions with the above information offered as a loose guide.

It is important to note that patch cable and fiber stub ferrules must match to be used together. For example, if the subject is a rat and an FC Ferrule Fiber Stub Implant is chosen, then an Optical Patch Cable with an FC Ferrule tip is also required.

For more information and technical specifications, visit the product pages at plexon.com or contact sales at info@plexon.com.

Intro Pricing Expires Dec 31 for Optogenetic System Products

In 2011, Plexon launched the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System providing an innovative, economical and turnkey approach to performing acute or chronic optogenetic stimulation with LED technology. Advantages of the PlexBright System relative to laser technology include:

• Economical entry into optogenetic research.
• Exceptional light intensities and stability.
• Sub-millisecond response time.
• Compact footprint.
• Lifetime, world-class support.

We introduced the PlexBright System at a very low price point to stimulate interest and gain significant cross-industry experience with its products. Following years of development, hundreds of products tested in labs under countless scenarios, and a proven product line, Plexon will be raising prices to a more appropriate level for the new year enabling the continuation of product line research and development.

To take advantage of this year’s pricing, an order must be placed with Plexon by December 31, 2013 by either a submitted credit card form  (found online) or a Purchase Order. Plexon quotes are typically valid for 90 days; however, pricing for PlexBright line items on quotes generated in 2013 will be valid until
December 31, 2013.

Although introductory pricing will expire, the PlexBright System’s much more cost effective LED-based technology will remain an excellent – even superior – financial and operational option over lasers. Researchers will still find the PlexBright System pricing to be as much as an order of magnitude more attractive than other options, as Plexon maintains its targeted effort to assist our customers’ advancement into the realm of optogenetic research at an attractive quality level and a more reasonable price point.

For more information about PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System options, visit the website at plexon.com and download the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System Guide<