The New DataLogger system is an untethered, battery powered neural recording system that allows wideband continuous recording at 40 kHz sampling rate. The DataLogger system consists of the Base unit, a 32 channel headstage, an infrared emitter, and the BaseControl software.


The Base has an AC wall-wart power adapter, a power switch on the back panel, and is connected to a PC using a standard USB cable.  It also has a front panel digital input port which can be used to record single-bit or strobed events at the same time that the headstage is recording neural data.  These recorded events are then merged with the data recorded by the headstage into a single recording file (PLX or PL2) which can be read by Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer, the offline SDKs, etc.

Battery-Powered Digital Headstage (HST)

The Headstage is a self-contained 32 channel digital recorder.  It has two connectors, one on the bottom for plugging into an Omnetics connector on an animal, and one on the side for plugging into the docking connector on the far left of the front panel of the Base.


The Emitter, which sends infrared commands from the Base to the HST, connects to the leftmost of the four “IR LED” connectors on the front of the Base. Up to four Emitters can be used with one Base, for wider and better IR coverage of the area of an experiment.


  • Untethered, battery powered neural recording system
  • 32 channel digital headstage, wideband continuous recording at 40 kHz sampling rate
  • Headstage uses standard Omnetics connector
  • Headstage includes user-configurable red and green tracking LEDs
  • Base unit controls headstage recording via infrared link
  • Up to four infrared emitter units can be used for coverage of a larger area
  • Base unit allows simultaneous parallel recording of digital event data; either 16 channels of individual events, or 16 bit data words, the same as one port of an OmniPlex digital input card
  • Base unit connects to a Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC using a standard USB interface
  • Headstage docks on base unit for downloading of recordings and charging
  • BaseControl software application controls data acquisition, downloads and manages recording files, and configures all options for the base unit and headstage
  • Headstage and base recordings are merged into a single acquisition file that combines wideband data and digital events in Plexon standard PL2 or PLX formats, compatible with Neuroexplorer, Offline Sorter and Plex