Please note the following important steps regarding the probe repair process:
  1. The document includes the shipping address for the return.
  2. Please include the RMA documentation in your return.
  3. Please make certain the probe has been cleaned and the probe case is secured with tape.
  4. We process repair probes on the second Tuesday of each month. If the probe is received prior to that time, we can include it with that month’s shipment.
  5. If you need the probe to be evaluated sooner than this we can ship the probe for repair as soon as it is received, but this service would require an expedited service fee of $500.
  6. If the probe can be repaired, the cost for repair is $2000
  7. If the probe only requires reformatting, the cost for reformatting is $1000
  8. Once the probe is evaluated and we confirm that it can be repaired, we will send a quote for the repair.
  9. We will not start the repair until the purchase order is received for the repair
  10. Probe repairs take 3-5 weeks from the date they are processed by Plexon (the second Tuesday of each month)