Plexon’s 4th Annual Plexon Neurophysiology Workshop
May 06, 2013

DALLAS, TX — (May 6, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, earned a score of 9.4 out of 10.0 in the category “How likely are you to recommend this workshop to a colleague?” according to the 2013 Annual Plexon Neurophysiology Workshop post-event survey. The 2013 Workshop – affectionately nick named “Plexon Camp” or “Nerd Camp” according to researchers – was held in Dallas, Texas from April 29 to May 2.

Overall, the registrants represented five continents and various skill levels. This year, the attendee breakdown yielded a more international crowd with 64% coming from outside the US, including international speakers for the first time. The animal model experience varied as follows: 59% rodents, 24% non-human primates, and 6% other models. The attendees absorbed almost 700 slides of material over three full days totaling more than 25 hours of interactive training delivered by 15 presenters.

Even with the intense instructional programming, participants found time to network and get to know each other over bowling. It would be remiss not to recognize the untapped bowling prowess exhibited by the players and following winners:

  • 1st Place, Highest Scoring Team:
    Luca Bonini, Xiechaun (Paul) Weng, Sherman Wiebe, Daniel Yu and Ruud van Zessen
  • 2nd Place, Highest Scoring Team:
    Jonathon Combs, Cyril Herry, Robert Rozeske, Demetrio Sierra, Tyler Simpson and Doug Weber
  • Highest Individual Score: Daniel Yu
  • Most Strikes: Nicolette Ognjanovski
  • Most Spares: Julien Courtin

Plexon congratulates all of the players with a special acknowledgement to Matt Bauman for his demonstration at the opening of the event that led to these accomplishments.

President Harvey Wiggins shared “Plexon’s Annual Neurophysiology Workshop is evidence of our commitment to training and to our customers. It takes a tremendous amount of planning, resources and equipment to offer the high-quality program that the team puts on each year, and we are very pleased that the attendees left with such an excellent opinion. We were already pleased with last year’s score of 8.9 regarding recommending the workshop to a colleague, and could not be happier with the outcome this May.”

Plexon wishes to thank all of the guest speakers and attendees who made this year’s workshop the best one ever! For more information regarding upcoming workshops, visit

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