Plexon’s 2014 China Regional Neurophysiology Workshop
April 08, 2014

DALLAS, TX — (April 08, 2014) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces open registration along with the dates and location for the 3rd Annual Plexon China Regional Neurophysiology Workshop (China Workshop) taking place July 22-24, 2014 at the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

This event, completely managed by Plexon’s Chinese partner, Hong Kong Plexon Limited, has grown to become a hugely successful training event in just a couple years. Last year, nearly 80 attendees representing almost 40 laboratories from across the country were in attendance.

This year, the China Workshop is expected to be even stronger. The agenda will include covering the basics through advanced topics related to operating the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System, CinePlex® Behavioral Research System, PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System, Offline Sorter, NeuroExplorer® and much more. The Hong Kong Plexon team invites each research lab using a Plexon system in China to send two researchers with no registration fee! Additional attendees beyond the two are welcome to participate at a registration price of RMB800.

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