Plexon Inc Announces Strong Finish for 2015
January 11, 2016

DALLAS, TEXAS — (January 11, 2016) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, shares its year in review with yet another strong finish. Plexon intends to be around for decades to come, providing new technology and support long into the future. Each strong year-end lends greater credibility to that goal as more than an unwavering intention, but rather an absolute fact. In 2015, Plexon experienced another amazing year in response to researcher’s needs and demands. Plexon is pleased to report it:

  • Received and filled more orders than ever before,
  • Serviced more returning customers than in any previous year,
  • Expanded the number of countries we actively serve, and
  • Doubled our sales force to meet the growing needs of the research community.

As it should be, Plexon’s goal to do even better in 2016. With the launch last year of products including Offline Sorter™ v4, the PlexBright® Lime LED Modules and Mono-coil Wrapped Optical Patch Cables, the Carousel™ Commutator for use with digital headstages and optogenetics, and CineLAB™ video tracking and analysis integrated with the Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chambers, Plexon expects it is off to a good start.

Everybody loves numbers, so here are a few Plexon fun stats from this past year:

  • 83,000 documentation and software downloads from the website,
  • 1,100 new newsletter readers,
  • 850 new and upgraded software licenses,
  • 430 new publications citing use of Plexon equipment,
  • 42 countries served,
  • 32 years in business,
  • 17 conferences/events supported,
  • 16 new releases/installers/SDKs announced across seven products, and the
  • 1st app launched

Plexon is completely dedicated to research labs without clinical distractions. It is all about researchers and research needs. The company thanks its customers for the opportunity to continue serving them with such laser focused intensity from year to year. Just wait and see what else Plexon has planned in the coming months!

About Plexon Inc
Plexon is a pioneer and leading innovator of custom, high performance data acquisition, behavior and analysis solutions specifically designed for scientific research. We collaborate with and supply thousands of customers including the most prestigious neuroscience laboratories around the globe driving new frontiers in areas including basic science, brain-machine interfaces (BMI), neurodegenerative diseases, addictive behaviors and neuroprosthetics. Plexon offers integrated solutions for in vivo neurophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral research — backed by its industry-leading commitment to quality and customer support.