Plexon and Lafayette Instrument Partner
February 27, 2014

DALLAS, TX — (February 27, 2014) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, and Lafayette Instrument Company, a leading provider of behavioral instrumentation for scientific research, announce a formal partnership focused on integrated solutions to better serve behavioral scientists around the world.

While Plexon is most known for its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data acquisition systems, optogenetics equipment, digital video recording and behavioral analysis product lines, Lafayette Instrument Company is a recognized leader in state-of-the-art testing apparatus and operant chambers. Together, elegant approaches to simultaneously performing neural recording, optogenetic stimulation, video tracking and trial facilitation become possible in a highly efficient environment. Most appreciated by researchers will be the synchronized data output for much faster data analysis and far fewer opportunities for human error.

Initially, the first integrated product offering will consist of the Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Operant Chamber System with the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System. The combination will offer a unique environment in which scientists can run a variety of operant tasks, animal learning time is dramatically reduced, and high resolution neural recording is synchronized with the behavior. The offerings will initially be available in rat or mouse-specific configurations. Future product offerings will include the Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Operant Chamber System integrated with any combination of the following systems: OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System, CinePlex® Behavior Research System for digital video recording, tracking and behavior analysis, and the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System.

According to Harvey W. Wiggins, President of Plexon, “Lafayette’s 65+ years coupled with our 30+ years dedicated to neuroscience and behavior researchers provides an extraordinary experience base on which to advance the tools critical to making the next break-through discoveries. Further, the findings will be founded on sophisticated research equipment the industry as long since come to trust. This is a powerful partnership and we expect great things to come of it.”

The first integrated product will be available shortly. Interested parties should reach out to either company at or

About Plexon Inc
Plexon is a pioneer and leading innovator of custom, high performance data acquisition, behavior and analysis solutions specifically designed for scientific research. We collaborate with and supply thousands of customers including the most prestigious neuroscience laboratories around the globe driving new frontiers in areas including basic science, brain-machine interfaces (BMI), neurodegenerative diseases, addictive behaviors and neuroprosthetics. Plexon offers integrated solutions for in vivo neurophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral research — backed by its industry-leading commitment to quality and customer support.

About Lafayette Instrument Company
Lafayette Instrument Company develops, manufactures, and distributes instrumentation, software, and related components for the investigation, study, and assessment of biological and behavioral processes. These solutions are utilized domestically and internationally in the following markets: Polygraph, Life Sciences (including Neuroscience), (human) Evaluation, and Custom Fabrication. Campden Instruments is a UK-based subsidiary focused on the development of instruments that support in-vitro tissue investigation and behavioral research.