PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System Starter Kits
October 28, 2015

DALLAS, TX — (October 28, 2015) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, expanded its line of custom PlexBright® Optogenetic Stimulation System (PlexBright System) Starter Kits from three to 14 configurations. A PlexBright Starter Kit is an excellent way for labs new to optogenetics, or just new to the PlexBright System, to get started quickly and at a lower, introductory price.

The PlexBright System is an innovative, economical, turnkey approach to effectively perform acute, chronic or in vitro optogenetic stimulation in neuroscience the environment. It is Plexon’s fastest growing product line offering the industry’s highest intensity LED Modules and the highest performance Optical Patch Cables, together yielding the unmatched, greatest possible output at the tissue interface.

  • Any PlexBright Starter Kit offers a complete set of equipment required to perform an optogenetic stimulation experiment, including a few select variations. Each one also includes a special discount that in some cases may reach more than $1,000. With the recent launch of the NEW Carousel™ Commutator for simultaneous use with optogenetics and neural recording using digital headstages, and the NEW stainless steel, mono-coil optical patch cable wrap, Plexon has completely revamped the initial PlexBright Starter Kits. To identify the appropriate starter kit, a lab Experimental model (freely behaving, head-fixed, or in vitro),
  • Animal model (mouse-sized and smaller, or rat-sized and larger),
  • Type of controller/driver (the fully functional 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller or the economical LD-1 Single Channel Driver), and
  • Type of commutator (none, optogenetics only, optogenetics with neural recording using digital headstages, or optogenetics with neural recording using analog headstages)

Second, with the popularity of the NEW stainless steel, mono-coil optical patch cable wrap, we have replaced all optical patch cables in relevant Starter Kits having armored jacketing with mono-coil wrapped optical patch cables. For more information, visit For a starter kit quote, provide the information listed above to

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