PlexBright™ Optogenetic Stimulation System Infrared LED
July 06, 2013

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DALLAS, TX — (July 06, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the expansion of the PlexBright™ LED Module product line to now include two cutting edge infrared wavelengths enabling optogenetic stimulation at 850nm and 940nm.

PlexBright LED Modules are known for generating the industry’s highest power outputs, and the new infrared LED Modules are no exception. Researchers will experience 21.3mW of power emanating from the Infrared1 LED Module and 21.5mW from the Infrared2 LED Module. Both infrared wavelengths are available in either the Compact LED Module form factor for use with either the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator or the PlexBright Dual LED +16 Channel Commutator; or can be purchased in the Table-top LED Module form factor when commutators are not necessary.

Although the LED Module output intensity is provided for easy comparison to third-party options, the actual amount of continuous light delivered to tissue is of most relevance to researchers. Light delivery systems lose power for a number of reasons as the light travels through the system, typically experiencing the most significant drops at connection points – such as between the LED Module and the optical patch cable. As a result, Plexon not only provides data for the power emitting from the LED, but also at different points throughout the system and with different product combinations. The table below provides output expectations at three points: a) from the PlexBright LED Module, b) from the LED Module out through a 1.0m high-performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cable, and c) from the LED Module through a 1.0m high-performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cable and out through either a PlexBright Fiber Stub Implant with a 200/230μm fiber or the smaller 110/125μm fiber.






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