PlexBright™ Dual LED Commutator for Optogenetics Research
March 20, 2013

DALLAS, TX — (March 20, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announced the launch of its much anticipated PlexBright™ Dual LED Commutator along with seven new compact LED modules and compatible optical patch cables, expanding the PlexBright LED Optogenetic Stimulation System product line.

Used in scientific research experiments in which a freely moving and behaving animal must be connected to the research equipment via cables, a commutator is a swivel that keeps those cables untangled. More specifically, such cables may be wires transmitting electrical signals, fluid channels administering chemicals, optical fibers transmitting light, or any combination of the three. In this case, the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator manages optical fibers.

It is a light-weight, low-torque design that supports optogenetic experiments with animals as small as mice. Seven specialized, super intensity PlexBright Compact LED Modules have been engineered for use with the commutator that mirror wavelengths available in Plexon’s PlexBright Table Top LED Module series – royal (450nm), blue (465nm), green (525nm), yellow (590nm), orange (615nm), red (625nm) and crimson (645nm). This commutator supports the use of either one or two interchangeable Compact LED Modules. When operating two compact modules simultaneously, either one may be driven independently or they may share the same signal, such as for bilateral stimulation.

To complete the package, unique PlexBright Optical Patch Cables have been designed and are offered in the standard sizes of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 meters to maximize performance.

According to Harvey Wiggins, President, “The launch of the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator and the related equipment significantly expands the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System offering. This additional functionality meaningfully increases the portfolio of tools that behavioral and neuroscience researchers can leverage to better achieve their end goals.”

Hands-on training will be provided for the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator during the upcoming 4th Annual Plexon Neurophysiology Workshop in Dallas, Texas.

About Plexon Inc
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