PlexBright™ 4 Channel Controller and LED Modules
October 14, 2012

DALLAS, TX — (October 14, 2012) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience research, announced today at Neuroscience 2012 that their PlexBright™ Optogenetic Solution has expanded to include the PlexBright 4 Channel Controller, six new super-intensity LED Modules, and second generation, high performance optical patch cables.

The PlexBright 4 Channel Controller is the newer of two Plexon products to drive and control optogenetic stimulation. It is a sophisticated, software driven device capable of driving stimulation through both lasers and LEDs, and can be integrated with the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System. The PlexBright 4 Channel Controller is operated by the newly launched Radiant™ software program, further permitting the integration of several 4 Channel Controllers to meet higher channel count needs. The availability of this controller marks the expansion of the previously LED focused PlexBright product line into laser stimulation as well.

Beyond the launch of the new driver, Plexon is pleased to announce the addition of six new PlexBright LED Modules to accompany the initial blue module first seen at Neuroscience 2011. These new modules span wavelengths from
450nm to 645nm and include Royal, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Crimson in unprecedented intensities.

Further, the new LED Modules are accompanied by second generation, high-performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cables enabling even greater power output. They are still available with either the bare fiber tip or the LC ferrule tip, but now can be ordered in three lengths: 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 meters.

Harvey Wiggins, president of Plexon Inc, said “We are thrilled to be expanding our PlexBright product line with such innovative and meaningful products. These additions will offer our customers a wider variety of economical stimulation options to support their custom experiments.”

Researchers are invited to stop by booth number 1939 for a lively demonstration of the full line of PlexBright products in action.

About Plexon Inc
Plexon is a pioneer and leading innovator of custom, high performance data acquisition and analysis solutions specifically designed for neuroscience research. Our equipment and solutions lay the foundation for research performed around the globe in essential areas such as basic science, brain-machine interfaces (BMI), neurodegenerative diseases, addictive behaviors and neuroprosthetics. Plexon offers robust, integrated solutions for in vivo neurophysiology, optogenetics, video tracking and behavioral analysis, and high-density, in vitro microelectrode array (MEA) electrophysiology — all backed by its industry-leading commitment to quality and
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