PL2 Coming to Plexon’s Product Line

Plexon’s newsletter from May 31, 2013 discussing the coming of its newest product PL2 that will increase the speed of data analysis.



May 31, 2013

Have you heard . . . . analyze large files 100x faster!

As much more data from many more channels is being recorded year after year . . . . data analysis can take hours or even days for some labs. Plexon has the answer and we call it PL2.

This summer, Plexon will release this amazing – yet optional – new file type along with all of the compatible spike sorting and analysis programs. PL2 will enable the analysis of large files to be completed hundreds of times faster!

Stay tuned for more information and the launch announcement.

Announcing the CereStage 96 Headstage

This is exciting news for all Plexon OmniPlex® or MAP Data Acquisition System users using the Utah Array in their research. We have just launched the CereStage 96 unity gain headstage specifically designed to work with the Utah Array utilizing the ICS style connector. This is a significant improvement over the previous solution in size and simplicity with a much more secure connection.

Click for more information on the CereStage 96 , or email a sales engineer at

2013 Neurophysiology Workshop Scores a Record 9.4

Thank you to all of the 2013 Annual Plexon Neurophysiology Workshop guest speakers and attendees who made this year’s workshop the best ever! Post-workshop surveys revealed a score of 9.4 out of 10.0 in the category “How likely are you to recommend this workshop to a colleague?” We were already thrilled with last year’s score of 8.9, but could not be happier with the outcome this May.

Attendees were largely international with 64% coming from outside the US. Additionally, this is the first year we hosted international guest speakers. Attendees completed three full days of interactive instruction totaling more than 25 hours of training.

We would like to express our appreciation once again for the guest speakers whose practical experiences made the instruction that much more relevant to all participants. The 2013 guest speakers were:

  • Keynote Speaker: Douglas Weber – Rehab Neural Engineering Lab, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh
  • PlexBrightOptogenetic Stimulation System workshop: Cyril Herry – Mangendie Neurocenter, Pathophysiology of Neural Plasticity Department at the Université Bordeaux Segalen
  • OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System workshop: Matthew Bauman – Rehab Neural Engineering Lab, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh
  • CinePlex® Behavioral Research System workshop: Sanjay Anand – Regenerative Neurobiology Lab, Department of Bioengineering at the University of Texas at Arlington;
  • U-Probe workshop: Luca Bonini – Brain Center for Social and Motor Cognition, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

We would be remiss if we did not also recognize the untapped bowling-prowess exhibited during the social event! The winners in the following categories are:

1st Place, Highest Scoring Team:
Ruud van Zessen
Sherman Wiebe
Luca Bonini
Daniel Yu
Xiechaun Weng

2nd Place, Highest Scoring Team:
Jonathon Combs
Cyril Herry
Demetrio Sierra
Tyler Simpson
Robert Rozeske
Doug Weber

Highest Individual Score: Daniel Yu
Most Strikes: Nicolette Ognjanovski
Most Spares: Julien Courtin

Congratulations to all of the players, and a special thank you to Matt Bauman for his instructions at the opening of the event that led to these accomplishments.

The specific dates for the 2014 Workshop will be announced in the coming months; however, it is likely to take place in the April/May timeframe once again. To secure your seat in the next workshop and/or if it is easier for your lab, individual registrations at an especially low price can be included on a system quote anytime of the year. Ask your sales engineer about the options, or email with any questions.

Documentation Push – New and Revised Technical Guides Available

Plexon is in the middle of huge documentation push! We are developing new technical guides, data sheets, and manuals faster than ever. Further, we are performing a wide scale review and updating of existing user materials. Check out a few of the newest documents including:

For your convenience, you will find most of these documents in two locations: 1) on the specific product webpage, Resources tab, and 2) on the Documentation webpage under the product or category name.

Research Spotlight

Let us know about your 2013 publication citing Plexon and our equipment and we will send you a thank you award with a mug and a T-shirt! Send notices, address and T-shirt size to

All articles listed are alphabetical based on first author within two categories: articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print, and articles published in full print.

Recent articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print:

  • Chan, Alexander M., Andrew R. Dykstra, Vinay Jayaram, Matthew K. Leonard, Katherine E. Travis, Brian Gygi, Janet M. Baker et al. “Speech-Specific Tuning of Neurons in Human Superior Temporal Gyrus.” Cerebral Cortex (2013).
  • Englitz, Bernhard, Stephen V. David, Mike D. Sorenson, and Shihab A. Shamma. “MANTA—an open-source, high density electrophysiology recording suite for MATLAB.” Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7 (2013).
  • Hage, Steffen R., Natalja Gavrilov, and Andreas Nieder. “Cognitive Control of Distinct Vocalizations in Rhesus Monkeys.” Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Early Access (2013): 1-10.
  • Kaufman, Matthew T., Mark M. Churchland, and Krishna V. Shenoy. “The roles of monkey M1 neuron classes in movement preparation and execution.” Journal of Neurophysiology (2013).
  • Kim, Jinhyung, Sung Eun Lee, Kyou Sik Min, Hyun Ho Jung, Ji Eun Lee, Sung June Kim, and Jin Woo Chang. “Ventral posterolateral deep brain stimulation treatment for neuropathic pain shortens pain response after cold stimuli.” Journal of Neuroscience Research (2013).
  • Komura, Yutaka, Akihiko Nikkuni, Noriko Hirashima, Teppei Uetake, and Aki Miyamoto. “Responses of pulvinar neurons reflect a subject’s confidence in visual categorization.” Nature Neuroscience (2013).
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  • Leavitt, Matthew L., Florian Pieper, Adam Sachs, Ridha Joober, and Julio C. Martinez-Trujillo. “Structure of Spike Count Correlations Reveals Functional Interactions between Neurons in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Area 8a of Behaving Primates.” PLOS ONE 8, no. 4 (2013): e61503.
  • Li, K., J. Patel, G. Purushothaman, R. T. Marion, and V. A. Casagrande. “Retinotopic maps in the pulvinar of bush baby (Otolemur garnettii).” Journal of Comparative Neurology (2013).
  • Lippert, Michael T., Kentaroh Takagaki, Christoph Kayser, and Frank W. Ohl. “Asymmetric Multisensory Interactions of Visual and Somatosensory Responses in a Region of the Rat Parietal Cortex.” PLOS ONE 8, no. 5 (2013): e63631.
  • Liu, Jun, Wei Wei, Hui Kuang, Fang Zhao, and Joe Z. Tsien. “Changes in Heart Rate Variability Are Associated with Expression of Short-Term and Long-Term Contextual and Cued Fear Memories.” PLOS ONE 8, no. 5 (2013): e63590.
  • Pendyam, Sandeep, Christian Bravo-Rivera, Anthony Burgos-Robles, Francisco Sotres-Bayon, Gregory J. Quirk, and Satish S. Nair. “Fear signaling in the prelimbic-amygdala circuit: A computational modeling and recording study.” Journal of Neurophysiology (2013).
  • Pillow, Jonathan W., Jonathon Shlens, E. J. Chichilnisky, and Eero P. Simoncelli. “A Model-Based Spike Sorting Algorithm for Removing Correlation Artifacts in Multi-Neuron Recordings.” PLOS ONE 8, no. 5 (2013): e62123.
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  • Zitnik, Gerard A., Brain D. Clark, and Barry D. Waterhouse. “The impact of hemodynamic stress on sensory signal processing in the rodent lateral geniculate nucleus.” Brain Research (2013).

Recent articles published in full print:

  • Eiselt, Anne-Kathrin, and Andreas Nieder. “Representation of Abstract Quantitative Rules Applied to Spatial and Numerical Magnitudes in Primate Prefrontal Cortex.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 17 (2013): 7526-7534.
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  • Jo, Yong Sang, Jane Lee, and Sheri JY Mizumori. “Effects of Prefrontal Cortical Inactivation on Neural Activity in the Ventral Tegmental Area.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 19 (2013): 8159-8171.
  • Komorowski, Robert W., Carolyn G. Garcia, Alix Wilson, Shoai Hattori, Marc W. Howard, and Howard Eichenbaum. “Ventral Hippocampal Neurons Are Shaped by Experience to Represent Behaviorally Relevant Contexts.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 18 (2013): 8079-8087.
  • Pasquereau, Benjamin, and Robert S. Turner. “Limited Encoding of Effort by Dopamine Neurons in a Cost–Benefit Trade-off Task.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 19 (2013): 8288-8300.
  • Qi, Dexuan, and Xin Tian. “Functional Networks Analysis from Multi Neuronal Spike Trains on Prefrontal Cortex of Rat during Working Memory Task and Neuronal Network Simulation.” Journal of Computers 8, no. 6 (2013): 1377-1384.
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  • Shimamoto, Shoichi A., Elena S. Ryapolova-Webb, Jill L. Ostrem, Nicholas B. Galifianakis, Kai J. Miller, and Philip A. Starr. “Subthalamic Nucleus Neurons Are Synchronized to Primary Motor Cortex Local Field Potentials in Parkinson’s Disease.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 17 (2013): 7220-7233.


Plexon’s President Speaks at IEEE Seminar

Harvey Wiggins, Founder and President of Plexon Inc as well as Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas, was the honored speaker at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS) Dallas Chapter Seminar last week. Harvey shared a discussion titled “Advances in Neurophysiology and Neuro-stimulation Technologies and Their Applications in Healthcare” to an eager crowd Friday, May 24.

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