OmniPlex Software v1.9 Records PL2™
June 27, 2013

DALLAS, TX — (June 27, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, releases OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System Software version 1.9 empowering neuroscience researchers to acquire and load data for analysis faster than ever before! OmniPlex Software v1.9 now records files in the both the original PLX and new PL2™ formats, and when combined with a DigiAmp™ (or MiniDigi™) Digitizing Amplifier, end-to-end client latency is reduced to ~1 millisecond.

The new PL2 format significantly improves efficiency of analysis of large, high-resolution neural data files. PL2 enables single channel read time to be 100s or even 1000s of times faster depending on file characteristics, while block level reads are up to 50% faster. In tests, a file containing ten minutes of spike, wideband and field potential data from 256 channels was recorded in both PLX and PL2 formats. Single channel reads as performed by Offline Sorter™ and MATLAB® programs resulted in the following:

PLX Format 13.8 GB PL2 Format 11.4 GB
Read SPK channel (35,000 spikes) 275.0 sec 0.18 sec
Read WB channel 275.7 sec 2.50 sec
Read FP channel 275.5 sec 0.08 sec

OmniPlex Software v1.9 offers researchers the option to record PLX files, PL2 files or both. Researchers will also be able to convert existing PLX files to the PL2 format using PlexUtil 4.0 with an upgraded OmniPlex System or Multichannel Application Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System license key available from Plexon at at no charge. More information is available in the PL2 File System Overview.

Not only does OmniPlex Software v1.9 now enable ultrafast data loading through PL2, but combined with a DigiAmp (64 through 256 channels) or MiniDigi (16 through 64 channels) Digitizing Amplifier it yields an almost negligible system latency of ~1 millisecond. This figure is the actual end-to-end latency through the entire OmniPlex System from spike input through the online user client program to a hardware output.

OmniPlex Software v1.9 further offers a breadth of added, expanded or improved functionality including new features for stereotrode and tetrode users. To complement the significant advancement of the OmniPlex software, Plexon has developed the new OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System User Guide that offers a wealth of new information, step-by-step instructions and tips for better results.

Researchers will find OmniPlex Software v1.9 (and other PL2-compatible programs including PlexUtil 4.0, Offline Sorter™ 3.3, NeuroExplorer® 4.125, and new SDKs for MATLAB and C++), the PL2 File System Overview and the OmniPlex User Guide online in the Support section of the website, under Software Downloads and Documentation, respectively, at With the appropriate version license key for the corresponding software program, these PL2-compatible releases are available free of charge. For more information, email

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