OmniPlex® Release 18.3

OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System is Plexon’s flagship electrophysiology research system. This system combines front-end amplification and acquisition with intuitive and powerful control and visualization software. This release includes many important enhancements.

New Features Include:

  • Fixed bug where certain non-standard cable lengths could
    cause DHP digital headstage detection to fail to detect a
    properly connected 64 channel headstage.
  • Optimized speed of DHP digital headstage detection,
    especially for high channel count systems.
  • Fixed bug where changing between 32 and 64 channel digital
    headstages could cause incorrect channel numbering in
    certain cases.
  • Fixed bug where the per-port pullup/pulldown options for
    the eChassis DI card (DINe) were swapped between ports A/B.
  • Fixed bug where a pxc could be loaded with a different
    timestamp resolution than the resolution currently in Server,
    which caused various problems.
  • Fixed bug where magnification changes in a continuous view
    that were caused by another view changing its magnification
    (with Chain Control enabled) didn’t update the magnification
    value show in its toolbar control.
  • Fixed bug with saving the default pxs directory in Server.
  • Fixed bug where the initial update of the sort quality
    metrics swapped the LRatio and Isolation Distance values.
  • Improved quality of interpolation in main spike window.
  • Improved performance at high channel counts.

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Learn more about all of the new features in the Release Notes