OmniPlex® Release 18

OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System is Plexon’s flagship electrophysiology research system. This system combines front-end amplification and acquisition with intuitive and powerful control and visualization software. This release includes many important enhancements.

New Features Include:

  • Added OPX Native API online client SDKs (C/C++, Python, Matlab); old SDKs (C/C++, Matlab) are still supported
  • Added support for HST64DS and HST64DSH digital headstages
  • New topologies for 16 channel DHP systems now default to the HST16D Gen2 headstage
  • Added support for mousewheel zoom in histogram view
  • Added option in PlexControl to toggle between showing all columns in the Properties Spreadsheet and only those related to the currently selected source
  • Disabled channels are now marked out in graphical views with a slash / instead of an X
  • Added support for PXIe version of OmniPlex chassis and cards (“eChassis”)
  • Added support for additional options for DINe digital input card (PXIe only)

Download the new software today.

Learn more about all of the new features in the Release Notes