OmniPlex® Release 16

OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System is Plexon’s flagship electrophysiology research system. The combination of superior front-end amplification, intuitive control software, and high resolution sampling make the OmniPlex System the most advanced neural data acquisition and online spike sorting system on the market today.  This release includes many important enhancements.

New Features Include:

  • MultiPlex Graphical Display– MultiPlex graphical display combines a selected set of spike, continuous, and event channels into a single user-configurable view.

  • Direct Audio Monitoring – Audio monitoring of wideband or spike-continuous signals through PC audio headphone or speaker outputs
  • Enhanced Digital Referencing –  Supports up to four Common Average Referencing (CAR) and Common Median Referencing (CMR) groups and monitor channels

Download the new software today.