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Newsletter from June 21, 2018 introducing Multi-fiber photometry and behavioral tracking from Plexon.


You may be wondering what that new hardware is to the left of our optogenetic controller.

That’s our new Photometry System, which assesses neural activity by measuring changes in fluorescence of a particular brain region. It’s also fully integrated with CineLyzer’s behavioral tracking system.

Here are some other key features of our new system:

  • Up to four fibers: Simultaneously investigate fluorescence in discrete brain regions within a single subject, or the same region across separate subjects
  • Combination events in real-time: Combine real-time tracking of behavioral events and photometry signals to trigger external devices via TTL output​
  • Synchronization: Collect and process synchronized behavior and photometry data




  • Visualize changes in fluorescence with CCD based camera system
  • Track zone entries, or complex sequences of zone entries, within an apparatus
  • Customizable arena and zone definitions for diverse behavioral setups (see red circle in first demo video)
  • Tracking via three different methods: contour, LED, and (up to 12) color markers
  • Graphical outputs for subject speed, path length, time in zones and zone entries






Video is a demonstration only and is intended to show a depiction of the photometry software interface.

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