New PlexBright LED & PlexBright Setup Tutorial

Plexon’s newsletter from April 4, 2017 containing the PlexBright Setup Tutorial video and news about Plexon’s new PlexBright commutator.

Offline Sorter V4.3.0 Now Available and Plexon Video Tutorial on PlexBright Starter Kits

What equipment is required to start using optogenetics in your lab?

Unsure where to start with your PlexBright Starter Kit?

Learn answers to these questions in the video tutorial “Setting up the PlexBright System

Download Offline Sorter V4.3.0

New Features include –

  • PL2 file channel mapping
  • Threshold Scan view: shows pre-threshold signal to noise ratio (SNR) and numerical waveform count values.
  • Calculate SNR tool: allows SNR calculation from existing spikes, taking into account invalidated and sorted/unsorted spikes.
  • Center Timeline on a Time: allows for the centering of the Timeline window on a user defined time.


Donna J. Calu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Maryland, School of Medicine was selected as the 2016 recipient of the award for Outstanding Young Scientist, Academic Track.

New PlexBright Dual LED + Fluid Swivel Commutator

The Dual LED-Swivel commutator can be included as part of a complete setup for behavioral neuroscience – ask a sales representative about combining our PlexBright optogenetic equipment and CineLAB video tracking and behavioral analysis.

Features include –

  • Perform simultaneous optic stimulation and intravenous drug delivery, or perfusate delivery for microdialysis or voltammetry
  • Compatible with up to two of our new high-power Head-Mounted LEDs and our PlexBright LD-1and 4 Channel Optogenetic Controllers

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