New LED Commutator

Plexon’s newsletter from March 28, 2013 that discusses a new LED commutator.



March 28, 2013

New PlexBright™ Dual LED Commutator

Plexon is pleased to announce the launch of our new PlexBright™ Dual LED Commutator along with the seven new compact LED Modules and commutator specific patch cables, expanding the PlexBright LED Optogenetic Stimulation System product line. The PlexBright Dual LED Commutator is a light-weight, low-torque design that supports optogenetic experiments with animals as small as mice.

A range of specialized Compact LED Modules have been engineered for use with the commutator that mirror wavelengths available in Plexon’s Table Top LED Modules – royal (450nm), blue (465nm), green (525nm), yellow (590nm), orange (615nm), red (625nm) and crimson (645nm). This commutator supports the use of either one or two compact, super intensity LED modules. When operating two compact modules simultaneously, each one may either be driven independently or they may share the same signal, such as for bilateral stimulation.

To complete the package, unique PlexBright Optical Patch Cables have been designed to maximize performance when utilizing this new commutator. Hands-on training will be provided for the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator, PlexBright Compact LED Modules and the Plexbright Optical Patch Cables for commutator use during the upcoming Annual Neurophysiology Workshop.

Contact for more information.

PlexStim™ Electrical Stimulator 2.0

Good news for PlexStim™ Electrical Stimulator 2.0 users! Not only are you now able to download the product software online, but there is a new SDK available as well. This new install includes updated drivers, so we recommend that everyone with the Stimulator 2.0 downloads this release. Additionally, the SDK is not available separately, so the complete install should be performed to gain access to the SDK. The download is available via the PlexStim Electrical Stimulator 2.0 page or in the support section of the website under Software Downloads, Product Specific, PlexStim Electrical Stimulator 2.0.

Workshop Early Registration Deadline –
March 31

April 29 – May 2, 2013; Dallas, Texas, USA
The Annual Plexon Neurophysiology Workshop is now 65% SOLD OUT and early registration pricing ends this weekend on March 31. To receive the early registration price, a Registration Form and payment must be received by the deadline. Registration will remain open through April at the standard registration price as long as seats are still available.

The following details the program day by day:

Monday, April 29
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, April 30
OmniPlex® Workshop
OmniPlex Guest Speaker – Matt Bauman
Keynote Speaker – Doug Weber
MAP Workshop
PlexBright Optogenetics Workshop
PlexBright Guest Speaker – Cyril Herry
Social Event

Wednesday, May 1
CinePlex® Workshop
CinePlex Guest Speaker – Sanjay Anand
Offline Sorter Workshop
PlexStim™ Electrical Stimulator Workshop
1-on-1 Coaching

Thursday, May 2
Probes and Electrodes Workshop
U-Probe Guest Speaker – Luca Bonini
NeuroExplorer® Workshop

We welcome any questions at We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Research Spotlight

Let us know about your 2013 publication citing Plexon and our equipment and we will send you a thank you award with a mug and a T-shirt! Send notices, address and T-shirt size to

All articles listed are alphabetical based on first author within two categories: articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print, and articles published in full print.

Recent articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print:

  • Arnold, Maria M., Janusz Szczepanski Noelia Montejo, Jose M. Amigo, Eliguisz Wajnryb, and Maria V. Sanchez-Vives. “Information content in cortical spike trains during brain state transitions.” Journal of Sleep Research 22, no. 1 (2013): 13-21.
  • Belle, Anna Marie, Catarina A. Owesson-White, Natalie Rios Herr, Regina M. Carelli, and Robert Mark Wightman. “Controlled Iontophoresis Coupled with Fast-scan Cyclic Voltammetry/Electrophysiology in Awake, Freely-moving Animals.” ACS Chemical Neuroscience.
  • Bellistri, Elisa, Juan Aguilar, Jorge R. Brotons‐Mas, Guglielmo Foffani, and Liset Menendez de la Prida. “Basic properties of somatosensory‐evoked responses in the dorsal hippocampus of the rat.” The Journal of Physiology (2013).
  • Berger, Theodore W., Dong Song, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Jeff LaCoss, Jack Wills, Greg A. Gerhardt, John J. Granacki, Robert E. Hampson, and Sam A. Deadwyler. “Reverse Engineering the Brain: A Hippocampal Cognitive Prosthesis for Repair and Enhancement of Memory Function.” In Neural Engineering, pp. 725-764. Springer US, 2013.
  • Bonifazi, Paolo, Francesco Difato, Paolo Massobrio, Gian L. Breschi, Valentina Pasquale, Timothée Levi, Miri Goldin et al. “In vitro large-scale experimental and theoretical studies for the realization of bi-directional brain-prostheses.” Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7 (2013).
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  • Jarlier, Frédéric, Angelo Arleo, Geraldine H. Petit, Julie M. Lefort, Céline Fouquet, Eric Burguière, and Laure Rondi-Reig. “A Navigation Analysis Tool (NAT) to assess spatial behavior in open-field and structured mazes.” Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2013).
  • Kaliukhovich, Dzmitry A., Wouter De Baene, and Rufin Vogels. “Effect of Adaptation on Object Representation Accuracy in Macaque Inferior Temporal Cortex.” Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Early Access (2013): 777-789.
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Recent articles published in full print:

  • Chen, Chih-Yang, and Ziad M. Hafed. “Postmicrosaccadic Enhancement of Slow Eye Movements.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 12 (2013): 5375-5386.
  • Dzirasa, Kafui, Sunil Kumar, Benjamin D. Sachs, Marc G. Caron, and Miguel AL Nicolelis. “Cortical–Amygdalar Circuit Dysfunction in a Genetic Mouse Model of Serotonin Deficiency.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 10 (2013): 4505-4513.
  • Hernandez, Ledia F., Yasuo Kubota, Dan Hu, Mark W. Howe, Nuné Lemaire, and Ann M. Graybiel. “Selective Effects of Dopamine Depletion and L-DOPA Therapy on Learning-Related Firing Dynamics of Striatal Neurons.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 11 (2013): 4782-4795.
  • Khodagholy, Dion, Thomas Doublet, Pascale Quilichini, Moshe Gurfinkel, Pierre Leleux, Antoine Ghestem, Esma Ismailova et al. “In vivo recordings of brain activity using organic transistors.” Nature Communications 4 (2013): 1575.
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  • Whitt, Jessica L., Radi Masri, Nisha S. Pulimood, and Asaf Keller. “Pathological Activity in Mediodorsal Thalamus of Rats with Spinal Cord Injury Pain.” The Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 9 (2013): 3915-3926.


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