Neuroscience Workshop and Offline Video Tracking

Plexon’s newsletter from December 19, 2014 discussing offline video tracking.


December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays from Plexon!

What a year! 2014 has proven to be especially kind to our neuroscience community, especially after the sequester fallout that impacted us all only a year earlier. Thank you to each and every principal investigator, student, postdoc, lab tech, partner, distributor, collaborator and friend that made this year so great! We are grateful for your support. Building on the momentum, we are growing once again to serve you even better going forward.

From our families to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and an amazing start to the New Year!

Time to Start Thinking about the 2015 Plexon Workshop

Week of: April 27, 2015
We are already in full swing planning for the Plexon’s 6th Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop . . . and with all of the new products launched this past year, it is going to be a big one! The event will be held during the week of April 27th, 2015 and take place at the DoubleTree Campbell Centre in Dallas, Texas, USA.

We look forward to seeing the five Workshop Raffle winners (one from NIC and two each from FENS and Neuroscience) along with 35 others in the spring. Registration forms will be available just around the corner in January, 2015.

Don’t forget, any lab that purchases a system from Plexon receives unlimited, half-priced tickets to the upcoming Workshop. In fact, the sales team can even add Workshop registrations to quotes. If you have any questions, please email We hope to see you there!

Plexon Open Most of the Holidays

Need to talk to someone at Plexon this holiday season? Plexon Headquarters will be open through the holidays, with the exception of closures on December 24-25 and January 1. We will be running a bit thinner on staff between those dates, however. So, if you need something from us such as last minute invoices, please plan accordingly.

Did You Know . . . About Offline Video Tracking?

Video tracked with Plexon’s CinePlex® Behavioral Research System can be automatically re-tracked offline in CinePlex Studio. Missing tracking information from occluded LEDs or markers can even be reconstructed in CinePlex Editor or manually entered.

CinePlex Studio can be set to “File Mode”, and files previously recorded in CinePlex Studio can be re-tracked using the same features that are available during online capture of the video. New Scene Arenas, Zones, Sequences, and Events can be created. A recording can then be made that saves the tracking data to a new .avi file.

Coordinate data can be modified in CinePlex Editor by selecting the relevant tracking marker in the “Markers” window, and choosing an insertion method in the “Input from Marker Selected” window. This is one way to repair missing tracking information due to occluded LEDs or colored markers. A more convenient method of filling in missing coordinate data is to use the automatic interpolation feature by going to “Tools->Interpolate Missing Occurrences”, and selecting the relevant marker.

For more information about offline video tracking, contact

Research Spotlight

Let us know about your 2014 publication citing Plexon and our equipment and we will send you a thank you award with a mug and a T-shirt! Send notices, address and T-shirt size to All articles listed are alphabetical based on first author within two categories: articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print, and articles published in full print.

Recent articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print:

Recent articles published in full print:


Plexon Workshop Alumni Speak Out: Maria M. Diehl

“The Plexon workshop was a great way to get hands-on training with the undivided attention from the people who created the equipment and software. It was also a great way for me to network with other scientists in similar areas of research as my own and get the scoop on tips and tricks to using the software and hardware to maximize my data output and productivity. I appreciated the small size of the workshop – I was able to meet all of the attendees and network with fellow neuroscientists that I look forward to seeing again in future conferences and meetings. The Plexon workshop did not disappoint, and I would recommend anyone who uses their equipment and software to attend this workshop – whether you are a grad student or postdoc learning a new technique, junior faculty starting up a lab, or someone who is already familiar with Plexon – there is something new to learn for everyone”

Maria M. Diehl, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Plexon is Hiring Again!

We are growing again and are seeking outstanding, neuroscience-loving candidates for the following roles:

Sales Engineer for Electrophysiology

Sales Engineer for Behavioral Neuroscience

Support Engineer for Neuroscience

Senior Windows Software Engineer

Technician for Neuroscience Manufacturing

If you are interested, send your resume to

½ Priced Workshop Registrations

When you purchase a PlexBright® System with a 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller, any OmniPlex® System or any CineLAB System, you are eligible for unlimited half priced Workshop registrations for the upcoming Plexon Workshop. Ask your sales engineer or email with any questions.


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